Win A David Jaffe Signed Copy Of The Original Twisted Metal And Benefit Charity

Up for auction on Ebay is a copy of the original Twister Metal for the original PlayStation. What makes this copy so special and unique you ask? Well, it's signed by the original Twister Metal team.

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xDSJxPyro3292d ago

BADASS! I could not think of a better thing to own for Twisted Metal fan. Plus with the proceeds going to charity is another plus to owning this great piece.

Anorexorcist3292d ago

It would have been better if it was a signed copy of TM 2.

xDSJxPyro3292d ago

I agree, but hey, its better then nothing. I loved both just as much. Ok, maybe TM 2 was a little better.

CrzyFooL3292d ago

omgad David Jaffe is doing something for charity? I thought he was a total d-bag? :-p

aselah3292d ago

I actually met him at a God of War: Ghost of Sparta Round Table taping and he was pretty nice. We talked about games, his was cool. I would LOVE a signed copy of any of his games!!

GamerSciz3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I hate this misconception. Everyone thinks Jaffe is a d-bag but he's not. He just speaks his mind and tells you how it is. If your game sucks, he will tell you and so on. Check out his vlogs on youtube sometime. You will then realize he knows what he's talking about. Plus check out his blog.

Jaffes Vlog Channel:
Jaffes Blog Site:

CrzyFooL3292d ago

Yeah I was kind of just being sarcastic, I'm sure hes not really a dick, that's just the perception people seem to have.

But auctioning this off for charity is pretty cool. Now how about a autographed God of War collection!?

SexyPrawns3292d ago

You are aware that Sony gives millions of dollars to charity a year as well, correct?

Microsoft turns down charities just as much as Sony or any other company.

You can't give it ALL away. I sponsor two children in Ghana. Are you going to yell at me for not sponsoring three?

Anorexorcist3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Now that's what I call Troll devotion!

Why don't you pull up some information on what your big sweet honey pot Microsoft gives away?

pneboy3292d ago

how does hbg and hhgs get approved, yes i know its for charity but still how do these crappy websites keep appearing

xDSJxPyro3292d ago

There are plenty of things on here that should never get approved per the rules of N4G, but more and more do people not seem to care. I have no problem with sites like this getting approved. This is News 4 Gamers. This is news.

FwanK3292d ago

I am willing to give up one of my kidneys in exchange for that...

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The story is too old to be commented.