According to VGChartz, God of War III Breaks 3 Million World Wide

In just 7 months, God of War III has official broken the 3 million sales mark. With the holidays closing in, there shouldn’t be a doubt that the game may get an additional spike is sales as well. Now, if Sony only decided to release A God of War III PS3 bundle like this one...

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Shanks3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

VGChartz is not considered a reliable site for sales data with many companies and websites and yet people keep using their numbers.


theonlylolking3292d ago

sony and NPD

Sony has been saying 3 mill for a while and now they say it.

VGChartz is just like me a normal person with saying Halo reach has over 9 million copies sold.

zeeshan3291d ago

Oh look! It's VGFAIL again!

Triella3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

"Sony’s God Of War III was the bestselling individual software SKU in the US during March, shifting 1.1 million copies, according to data from the NPD Group."

1.1 million copies sold in March alone in the US... people with half a brain can easily tell that with seven more months and two more territories, the game has probably already sold a bit more than 3 million copies.

Redrum0593291d ago

GOW3 has passed those numbers up a long time ago.
its vgcharts for crying out loud.

TROLL EATER3291d ago

impressive for a ps3 game

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Imperator3292d ago

Incredible game. Deserves it. Can't wait for Ghost of Sparta!

360RRODFIX3292d ago

Considering it comes from Vgcrap, i say real numbers are at least 3.5 million.
Vg chartz, lol

TengkuAmir103291d ago

Your bubbles are still going down troll.

gamer81793292d ago

All you ps3 fanboys claim vgchartz is under counting ps3 and its software, yet you never provide a link to prove it. I call bullshit.

Lovable3292d ago

What about the report from Sony themselves about selling the PS3 around 38 m, yet Vgchartz only got the PS3 around 36m? That's a huge proof right there. I really remember that part when it first came out.

nickjkl3292d ago

they raise the 360 sales numbers constantly but just recently raasised the ps3 sales numbers to the number they have been saying for months

Perkel3292d ago

maybe we will do this other way ?

VG chartz isn't like NPD or media create they don't measure anything.

They only asume.

Care to explain from what sources they claim 3 mln ?

UnwanteDreamz3291d ago

Why bother showing you proof when VGCharts themselves admits that it estimates lots of its numbers?

Common sense fail?

Seferoth753291d ago Show
UnwanteDreamz3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Wow little boy are you calling me a moron?

"You seriously need to get some adult to explain the concept of "estimates'."

Why don't you run and go get your mommy and daddy to come on here and explain it. Then they can explain to me why they don't monitor your internet usage. You really shouldn't go around pretending to be a grown-up son. Someone might take advantage of you.

Look as an adult I feel a need to tell you that the console war is made up. You can call people Sony fanboys all you want and the only thing you will succede in is making yourself look like a child.

karl3291d ago

calm down boys.. noone is going to get raped around here..

XI_-Minty-_IX3291d ago

Take a look at the game Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland's sales on VGChartz. It's been out for over a year in Japan, and just released in NA recently. Now, developer Gust has stated that the game has sold 130,000 copies in Japan, while on VGChartz, it's still at a meager 78,000 for Japan. That's a 60% difference. See how bad it is now?

DOMination3291d ago

Sonys figure of 38m PS3s is the SHIPPED figure, not SOLD.

PS360fanboy3291d ago

That's how works around here: always undertracking the PS3, always overtracking the 360.


Anon19743291d ago

I hear this arguement in defense of VGChartz all the time and it doesn't hold water. VGChartz's numbers for the 360 have been overtracked since day one. Routinely VGChartz says more 360's are being sold than MS says they shipped. Wrap your head around that. If VGChartz are reporting sold to customer, how can they sell more 360's than Microsoft is shipping - and not by a little, by a lot.

Also, NPD also tracks sold to customers, and VGChartz numbers for the same region are usually overtracking the 360 by between 20 and 30% compared to NPD data and undertracking PS3 numbers by around 10% on average. The game industry actually sits up and takes notice of NPD numbers, and NPD sells their market research to interested parties. They're accountable for the product they but out. So why doesn't anyone use VGChartz data? Because they're a fan run site accountable to no one. If their data is off 30% most of the time compared to reputable sources - who cares! It's not like anyone uses their data anyway.

Go with NPD data, and for real numbers wait till Microsoft and Sony put out their official numbers. VGChartz isn't even close. If anything, if you skimmed 20% off the 360 numbers and added 10% to PS3 numbers, given VGChartz's track record you might get something close to reality. Might.

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air13292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

it might not be exact every time but they have hit the mark before, and they at the least give you a general idea on how something is performing. maybe thats why?

WiiPS3beats3603291d ago

General idea = estimate = guess = not real numbers
in that case I can say anything and u should take my word for it as fact, replace me with vgcharts and there u have it a fanboy spewing salez digets

air13291d ago

are you kidding?

what are you 5?

"general idea"

thats good enough for me, if it bothers you that much then move on. why even come in here? really?

raztad3292d ago

Where is the official Sony announcement?, I cant find it anywhere in that article.

visualb3291d ago

vgchatrz pulled it out of their ASSumption

UnSelf3291d ago

i wish i can clone myself over and over wit 65 dollars in my pocket. i will buy this game wit every clone

jeseth3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

God of War is still the best game I've played this year. One of the top 3 most memorable games I've ever played.

So many jaw dropping moments and, no offense N. Drake, but the best character model in a game to date. Kratos looked unbelievable in this game. I still can't believe the fight against of the most brutal, visceral, and violent scenes ever in a video game.

I could go on and on . . . . God of War 3 was epic, exciting, and unforgettable.

Edit : I spelled "model" bad.

SexyPrawns3291d ago

I agree entirely. Holy Frick was it epic!

Karum3291d ago

God of War is my favourite Playstation franchise and the Kratos character model is the best on any console this gen, period. Of course the models in UC2 were pretty awesome also.

As for brutality, the game really started out as it meant to go on what with how you finished off Poseidon and all.

Denethor_II3291d ago

The start of the game was like most epic ever.

avengers19783291d ago

God of War is a fantastic series, anyone, everyone should be playing it. GOD of War 3 is amazing in every way.

Doletskaya3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

So you got a better source?

And also, "VGChartz is not considered a reliable site for sales data with many companies and websites." What companies and websites are you talking about? or your just imagining them in your head?

At least VGChartz can tell the names of the publications who use their information and think it's reliable. Unless you can prove how unreliable those sales data are with legit information, you VGChartz haters got nothing but crap.

I'm not saying that VGC is 100% accurate, but it is the only source today that has up-to-date sales information about games and consoles. So unless you got a better source to prove it wrong, we should stop complaining about them.

NoOoB1013291d ago

Here you go Doletskaya.

GT prologue VGchartz total

From the makers themselves of Gt Prologue.

Vgchartz saying Polyphony Digital are 1 million off there own numbers on their OWN game -_-
Need any more links because I have plenty.

UnwanteDreamz3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

NPD proves them wrong monthly. What am I missing here? Am I taking crazy pills or are people this stupid.

BTW one of the agrees that you have is me. I accidently agreed with your BS in my rush to disagree.

moparful993291d ago

After sony released their official numbers back at e3 stating they had sold 38 million units worldwide and vgchartz was tracking 36 million as recent as september vgchartz lost alll credibility.. Completely inexcusible.. I cant wait for sony's end of quarter sales coming this month so we can see how far off vgchartz still is...

tinybigman3291d ago

i'd rather believe the companies themselves then a website that guesses.

bmw693291d ago

GT Prologue numbers on Sony's site includes PSN downloads, VGChartz numbers do not. (about the 20th time I've posted this now)

Sony figures are shipped to retail, VGChartz are sold to consumer (again, 20th time I've said this now).

It is like talking to a bunch of retards who won't listen to reason!

Oner3291d ago

You provide absolutely NO proof that corroborates

1) That these include PSN downloads (especially when everything I have read states otherwise)

2) That these are shipped to retail (sell in) and not to consumers (sell through)

Then you proceed to call others "retards who wont listen to reason" when you have given no REASON/PROOF yourself! Also, looking over your post history I think you must be affiliated with VGC or something because you consistently stick up for them but provide no documentation to support ANYTHING you "claim"...and all this AFTER the fact NoOoB101 did the RIGHT thing and gave proof.

NoOoB1013291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

BMW69..really? because i could have sworn i showed you in another post that your thinking of VGchartz is complete BS.
want me to show you again what it says IN their own site about their information they provide?

"Our site contains content that we create as well as content provided by third parties. This content includes, among other things, industry sales estimates, forecasts, analysis reports, reviews, features and editorials. It also includes information about products and services offered by parties other than VGChartz Ltd, such as product descriptions, specifications, pricing. We do not guarantee the accuracy, the integrity, or the quality of the content on our sites, and you may not rely on any of this content."

Their is nothing about them tracking Information..only estimates, or Educated guesses some would would call it.

That is from their OWN site Bmw so before you go calling people retards, learn to read -_-

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pwnd_of_lol3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

It's Official, God of War III Breaks 3 Million World Wide

"In just 7 months"

halo reach break this mark of salles in 1 day...

Is that a good or a bad thing for Sony's biggest exclusive this year? God of War III was suppose to be the flag ship title of Sony!

Sony will never make that $60 million back like in this salles..

WiiPS3beats3603291d ago

Play games not sales
when gt5 hits then what? u will say "selz tont matterz itz about teh gamez letz 4get salez pplz"

Focker-4203291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Halo Reach sold 3 million copies on day 1?? Since when. I'm sure Halo Reach still hasn't hit 3 million so what are you on about?

edit: Oh and it only cost Sony $44 million to make GOW3. Which Sony made $33 million of that back on DAY 1.


moparful993291d ago

Lets do some math shall we?
3,000,000x50=150,000,000 dollars

Based on an estimate of the median cost of video games costing 50 dollars a piece sony not only made back that 60 million that you claim they spent but made 130 million dollars in profit.. How exactly is that a failure??? I'm so sick of you fanboys expecting every ps3 game to sell 8 million copies before you consider it a success when in fact the only 360 games to reach that mark has been halo and modern warfare 2... So yet again you fail troll....

MiloGarret3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Jeebus christ, that has to be the dumbest comment I've seen in a while.

So out of these 50 dollars that the game costs, 100% goes to Sony? Retailers get nothing, advertising is free, logistics are handled by santa etc. Don't ever, EVER, study economics, you will not do well.

Note: I'm not calling this game a failure, just encouraging people to think with their heads rather than their asses.

jetlian3291d ago

99 and sega. sony sells the game to stores at 48 dollars. And thats only when the game cost 60 at the store. So max they could have made was 144 million. But as we have seen you can get it for 40 so sony's cut is less than that.

MiloGarret3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I see my efforts were in vain. People continue to rely on their asses, nice.

Motorola3291d ago

God of war did GREAT for being on a next gen console run by mostly shooters. dont be a troll

moparful993291d ago

What about the 100 dollar ultimate edition? Thats why I said "MEDIAN 50 DOLLAR COST OF GAMES" Yes I know that sony sells games to the retailrs for less then what we pay at retailers.. Its called overhead, its how retailers make profit but the average mark up on games is 10 dollars.. I did alot of research on this for a paper that I wrote.. But sony makes an average of 50 dollars on every copy sold.. So I invite you to not jump to conclusions and attack someone verbally whenever you dont know what you are talking about... So I stand by my statements until you can prove me otherwise...

jetlian3291d ago

edition didn't and don't command that high a mark. And your still talking as if it sold at full price the whole 7 months which we know is false.

But it doesn't matter sony still made money off the game.

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XRider3291d ago

Should me more this is a good game and great series.

tinybigman3291d ago

this platform has never failed to to deliver on great games and franchises.

gamerzBEreal173291d ago

thats it? i would think this game will sell way more jesus what are u guys buying? GET GOD OF WAR 3!

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Skadoosh3292d ago

This game deserves higher than that. 3 million is good sales but this is one of Sony's best franchises. 3 million seems low for this title.

ELite_Ghost3291d ago

once it's for 30$ it's gonna go to 5 mil in no time!

Moentjers3292d ago

baught the game, finished it and lend it out to 2 other PS3 owners.
That's how 'off-line' games get less money in the pocket to developers...

Skadoosh3291d ago

Unfortunately you are absolutely correct. Single player only games usually just get passed around like that or even rented. I wouldn't be surprised if this game was one of the highest rented games on Gamefly.

Aclay3291d ago

"3 million seems low for this title."

The first God of War on PS2 sold a little over 3 million copies and the sales of GOW3 fall right in line with the sales of the previous titles on PS2, so it's not low to me.

3+ million copies for a non-RPG Single Player game on ONE system in this day age is very good IMO...heck, similar games in the same genre like Bayonetta and Darksiders were Multiplatform and haven't sold as much as GOW3.

Unicron3291d ago

Pity too. Bayonetta is another amazing title overlooked by people due to lack of a tacked on MP mode.

Sigh. Disappointing that people just want to play CoD: Rehash over and over again, IMHO.

moparful993291d ago

I hate these sales games.. When did 3 million become a failure???? By my calculations sony has made 130 million dollars off of this one title alone ins 7 months!!! Not only are they waayyyyy in the black every copy sold from here on out is spare revenue for sony to invest into new games and tech..... Sigh I dont know when 5+million copies became the standard....

Silly gameAr3292d ago

tqcast has been bringing on the flambait lately. What's up with that site? And didn't GOW 3 break 3 mill a while ago?

Simco8763292d ago

This was a fantastic game!

user83971443292d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

What?!! this game should have sold atleast 10 million copies!
It sucks when games this good don't sell as much as other crappy games. Shame shame shame