Resistance 3 Concept Art Revealed

Set for a big reveal in the November issue of US videogames specialist magazine Game Informer, Resistance 3 is about to be blown-open, and Insomniac Games are keen to deliver their audience details not only the final product, but also on what it took to get them there.

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Kain813289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

This looks more like a Survival horror game to me.
Today we will see some new infos about R3 in GI...

ChineseDemocracy3289d ago

I'm pretty stoked about this game, loved the "horror" aspect of the first one.

MerkinMax3289d ago

You'd be fighting some hybrids then HOLY SHIT some creepy ass jumps on you and you shake the controller so hard... At least that was my experience haha.

farhsa20083289d ago

The only game that gets me so excited to play next year!

rezzah3289d ago

Its either u like it or you dont. If the story appeals to you yet the gameplay pisses you off, then the game isnt for you. I guess read about it on wikipedia.

theafroman3289d ago

no i mean i played the resis 2 and walked away dissapointed ,but i absoutley loved the psp 1 it was so good

Cenobia3289d ago

Wasn't there a sequence in R2 that was very similar to this? You get swarmed in a tunnel of some sort and I could have sworn it was a train station.

The R3 trailer reminded me of that sequence. Resistance 3: Spirit Tracks, perhaps? /joke

Can't wait to see what they do with the IP. Hopefully they'll improve on the story elements now that Hale isn't the main character.

sinncross3289d ago


its when you enter a tunnel that is swarming with Chimera pods for 'new borns' or something.

Brilliant sequence... makes me wonder why they dont' attempt night levels.

Nathaniel_Drake3289d ago

That was the part where you go into the theater and kill the swarm of Chimera right?

sinncross3289d ago

hmm, i think after that...

man, i need to play through R2 story mode again (on hardest difficulty this time and get that gold trophy!)

dinkeldinkse3289d ago

I really have the urge to kill one again.

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The story is too old to be commented.