1UP: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Review

Certain fights, the occasional puzzle, and some really lousy music are the flaws that keep Sonic 4 from besting Sonic Rush as the best game to come out of the franchise in a decade. But for every element that Sonic 4 gets badly wrong, it gets four or five others exactly right. Most importantly, it nails the fun of hitting springboards, bouncing off enemies, and defying gravity with pure speed. While hardly perfect, it's solid enough that even reviving the old "Se-ga!" before the title screen feels appropriate. After a decade of missteps, Sonic has earned it.

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Akagi3294d ago

Wow, a good score for a Sonic game. It only took, what, 50 tries? Good going, Sega.

f7897903294d ago

Well they finally went back to 2D. I can't believe it took them this long to figure out that people didn't want a 3D Sonic.

mugoldeneagle033294d ago

I still think they can make a good 3D Sonic game. I enjoyed Sonic Adventure for the most part, thought SA2 was a little better. They just need to work on which aspects work and ditch those that don't. Also, a solid storyline.

Why not make a one thats 2D/3D crossover? One that switches over from time to time. I'd enjoy that.

MrMccormo3294d ago

Yeah, the review mentions Sonic Rush, which IS actually a really good 2D Sonic. It got great reviews and decent sales, and it came out several years ago, so I'm surprised they didn't get a clue.

Relientk773294d ago

Maybe I will get this game, it looks good

Matthew943294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

looks promising

ill just wait untill the enevitable "complete pack" for a discount instead of buying per episode