Nvidia Unveils Real Gaming Power For Just $79 With the GTS 430

RipTen: "There’s a new kid on the block, and she’s the best reason yet for even the most frugal gamer to get into PC gaming. The Nvidia GTS 430 is here, and it’s about time. It’s their lowest priced fermi GPU to date and is a clear replacement the aging GeForce GT 220. So what do you get for just $79? How about ...

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Kreyg3293d ago

Can it run Vanilla Crysis at 60 FPS @ 16XQ AA? Just messing, this seems like a pretty decent card for the price. Definitely great for someone just looking to mess around and not get too serious about PC games.

CrzyFooL3293d ago

They say it runs most new games at good frames. You have to dial down your settings a bit, but for $79 you get DX 11 and 3d support. Review embargo was up today, there are some floating around already. Most look good. 8's n 9's

HolyOrangeCows3293d ago

Crap like this always aggravates me. Random framerates mean nothing if you don't give the resolution, anti-aliasing used, V-sync?, etc.

CrzyFooL3293d ago

Well the card just came out, go look for reviews!! this is just an announcement of the card with some nvidia provided press screens.

xTruthx3293d ago

Yeah thats what I was thinking too lol

Trroy3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Don't get your hopes up with the Crysis thing. It's raw numbers aren't much better than those of the high-end nVidia 6xx0 and 7xx0 series.

ATi_Elite3293d ago

The only reason for this card is to play games with "some" Dx11 features turned on using very low settings as this card lacks power.

4XAA with 8xAF 30 FPS @ 1920x1080? Forget about it!

Your better off getting a top tier MoBo with an integrated GPU (HD4290 or Nvidia =) that will game just as good as this card in DX10.1 using higher display settings.

all up to date on board video chips from AMD and Nvidia can run a HTPC, decode video, and play Blu-ray. They also even have GPgpu support.

If your gaming then any thing below a HD 5770 or GTS 450 is not worth it ($150).

Chris_TC3292d ago

Are you high? This card obviously smokes any integrated GPU.

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aselah3293d ago

ooooh I so want it! It looks simple enough for a non tech gal! Anything that makes my games faster is a good deal for me!

TOSgamer3293d ago

You do not want this card. Look for a GT 240 on sale people. It will blow this card away and could be found more then once during the last 2 months for $35 after rebate.

Motorola3293d ago

I wud get this but integrated is what I have. Does that mean i need a new motherboard as well? Any1 know :D

kornbeaner3293d ago

It depends on your motherboard. If it still has a AGP slot and no PCI-e X16 (or x8) then yes you will need a new motherboard. But if you have a fairly recent motherboard (anything that runs a dual-core is considered recent) than you should have a PCI-e X16 slot, unless it a budget computer, and if you have the PCI-e slot then you are good. for this card a stock powersupply should be enough.

If you find this all a little over the top sorry but I guess thats why PC gaming is a dying art.

Motorola3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

No man i understood you. thanks alot :D Bubbles +

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