Ben Heck's Xbox 360 Slim Portable

Ben Heck has just released pics and a video of his updated Xbox 360 Slim Portable. There are some big and not so big differences to his older models. Ben's new Xbox 360 Slim is gray and metallic throughout and looks fantastic. He is actually building 3 of these so besides the giveaway unit the 2 others. We have links to a few of Ben's other projects so be sure to check the 360-HQ's previous coverage.

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TANUKI3295d ago

This guy is really amazing.

Fishy Fingers3295d ago

Looks much nicer than the original few 360 laptop (or portable as they were called), but it's around the same size, thought he'd manage to shrink it down somewhat.

bananasNmonkeys3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

He needs to somehow combine a top end gaming pc, a PS3, a Xbox 360, every single hand-held and a giant TV into one big box of gaming awesome sauce.

FantasyStar3295d ago

That's a technical nightmare, even for him.

BlackTar1873295d ago

and this guy is very talented. I wish i had one.

gdblose3295d ago

The body still needs a better and more appealing look to it but i would defenitely purchase something like this for a future gaming console. Imagine, just have it in your living room hooked up to your Big Screen HDTV as an external monitor and if you had to leave to a friends house or something just unplug it and bring it with you and open it up and play at your buddies house just like you would with a laptop and even connect to XBOX live over the WI-FI connection. This is truly amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.