10 of the most beautiful sunrises in video games

Following compilation shows ten beautiful sunrises from different games.

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Kain812933d ago

i wait for the GT5 Sunrise ^_^

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shazui1232933d ago

If the GT5 sunrise is anything like the nightfall, it's going to top everything on this list.

vsr2932d ago

GT5 is an example for weather change

gillri2933d ago

RDR has the most beautiful sunrise;s ive seen in a gamer

swiftshot932933d ago

definitely, Uncharted 2 comes as a close second though

baodeus2933d ago

agree, but i think Fable 2 is up there too. Actually, i think Fable 2 has the best looking sunset.

RedDead2933d ago

Far cry 2. I hate the game in all honestly but I loved the sun and lighting in it. Also, who doesn't like playing with fire

tacosRcool2933d ago

An ok game. No sense of any direction though and plus the enemies respawn at all the checkpoints which is annoying

imvix2933d ago

Id vote for Farcry 2 on PC.

RedDead2933d ago

You know what, they should do a Far Cry 2.5, it had load's of new stuff but they just haven't gotten the gameplay refined enough, think of Assassin's Creed 1 to 2. They were very alike yet AC1 was shi* and AC2 was brillant(imo)

Nihilism2933d ago

FC2 is one of very few games with 128bit HDR. [email protected] people even mentioning console games...DX9 lighting=lol

RedDead2933d ago

I also had the Pc version so I knoew it is excellant

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FwanK2933d ago

Sunrises? really?

Top 10 is running out of ideas

theonlylolking2933d ago

A new top 10 list should be... TOP 10 worst top 10 lists

mikepmcc2933d ago

Top 10s...they suck

But Top 7s on the other hand...that's where it's at.

karl2933d ago

seriously.. i was loading all the videos and then i said

fuck this.. and now im moving to the next topic.

bye ppl

Blinding_Solo2933d ago

It does not look like they ran Crysis on max settings in that video. My friend ran it on max in his rig and it look way better than that.

despair2933d ago

was wondering that myself, thats nowhere as good as it looks in Crysis.

peowpeow2933d ago

Modified ToD settings make the sunsets so much sexier

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The story is too old to be commented.