Spec Ops the line gameplay

Spec Ops: The Line unfolds within the destroyed opulence of Dubai. Once the playground for the world’s wealthiest elite, Dubai has fallen victim to a series of cataclysmic sandstorms.

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DavidMacDougall3294d ago

Looks like Army Of Two with 4 more guys and no weapons customization? Thats not a good thing.

Chubear3294d ago

it was the current gen version of Kill Switch

Downtown boogey3292d ago

It seems much more fluent, though, the movement resembling Uncharted 2's which would be excellent if it really will be that smooth to play. The general game play seems a little derivative, however... It'll need a lot of mission variety to pull through.

omi25p3294d ago

Looks really good imo

RyuDrinksTheDew3292d ago

looks good!! cant wait to see more.

also, the new socom and this looks extremely alike.

T9X693292d ago

I played the Beta on 360, it did remind me a lot of SOCOM and I played SOCOM for almost 8 years. I was surprised that I actually liked this game, it was pretty good in the beta phase, not sure if I'll buy it though as I'm hoping SOCOM 4 will bring back my glory days of SOCOM 1 and 2, but I'm not counting on it.


I'm starting to get worried about SOCOM 4... I have standed those last years of crap SOCOM Confrontation from Slant 6, out of not having better options in tactical shooters (there is MGO which can get pretty strategical, but Konami ID keep most of my friends away from it) and all we want now is a SOCOM from Zipper.

But the delay to next year and the whole move idea had me raising an eye brow... From all the games I can think of, tactical shooters wouldn't be my choice to test move out, although I know it's an option, I concearned about any compromise to gameplay in order to be move compatible or to level the field in multiplayer between DS3 and Move. Zipper is a master when we discuss multiplayer and shooter gameplay, but even them are delaying it, probably because of move... I just don't know what to expect anymore.

Although I'll get it day one anyway, I'll try this Spec Ops too, it looks like more fast paced, but I like the damage level this trailer show combined with Uncharted like cover system. I may end up playing both if SOCOM did't live up to my expectations (I'll still play SOCOM as my clan probably will be focusing on it anyway).

PandaJenkins3292d ago

I played a fair bit of the beta awhile ago, it is looking pretty good. Those who like tactical FPS games should look forward to this, though it isn't for those who love COD and such.

DaCajun3292d ago

What does liking tactical FPS have to do with this game or even COD since this is a 3rd person shooter and more like SOCOM than any other game?

PandaJenkins3292d ago

woops obviously wasn't thinking straight when I typed FPS :p Was more implying that this is the kind of game for people who like Socom and such rather than games like COD if you get what I mean. Like all TPS are cover based but a lot such as Gears is still quite action focused, while Spec Ops is I would say slower and more tactical. I am not allowed to go into detail due to the beta rules...

rosaemil3292d ago

Looks good, cant wait! Anyone knows the name of that song?

DaCajun3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Drowning Pool "All over me" Duh!!! They only say the name of the song over 100 times in the song. Unless you were making joke then , that's funny.

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