Crysis 2 Singleplayer Hands-On Preview/ PC vs Xbox 360 Comparison [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn's Jon Lester takes on Crysis 2's singleplayer mode at the Eurogamer Expo- and takes a discerning look at whether the Xbox 360 can hack it.

Lester writes: "Crytek marines are a hardened fighting force… but their defence of New York was inexorably breaking under the brutal alien assault. A cadre of otherworldly Ceph units stood between the beleagured squad and their objective: an explosive detonator on the top floor of a nearby building. Luckily for them, we're going to provide some serious Nanosuited backup when the 2011 release date hits."

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LinuxGuru3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Hopefully...and I repeat...HOPEFULLY, Crytek has finally optimized this new engine to run well on PC despite not having ultra hardware.

Warhead was a good step forward as far as performance goes, but more would be appreciated.

And as far as this comment goes:

"The difference is absolutely staggering"

Well since we've hit the 5-year mark, I'm sure the 360 won't have much more graphical grunt left that's worth talking about.

Now as far as the PS3 goes...well, pretty much every dev says the Cell just keeps opening up possibilities, but there's always the RAM and graphics hardware limits to consider.

@ despair:

I would think that since they really have to go totally multi-threaded with the PS3 and 360...that it would encourage them to really try and make the game sing on a multi-core PC, no?

despair3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

True but the tech was ahead of its time, at medium settings in 2007 Crysis was the best looking game out and now 3 years later its still in the top 3 for best looking game on max settings.

Optimizing only goes so far when the graphics are that good but my fear is that they will limit the quality because of the consoles even if its a lot different will it even match up to the original?

I'm not saying they won't optimize it for multi-core processors as now its pretty much all that is in use, but I'm worried that the actual graphics will not match up to the original.

I mean they are making this for consoles so the content will be the same and although the graphics are probably going to be better on PC I'm not sure how much of a leap it will take or even match the original.

The graphics for the game I've seen so far were not that impressive although I haven't checked anything new on it in a while so they may have improved it. Oh and the gameplay definitely changed a lot and not in a good way for me, I don't need another generic shooter.

kaveti66163294d ago

From what I've seen of Crysis 2 on the 360, I'd say the 360 has a good deal of power left because Crysis 2 on 360 looks better than nearly every other 360 game, exclusive or not. And it looks better by a lot.

The PS3 has much more potential and that's not something I debate about anymore.

We'll see when Agent comes out on PS3 what the true potential of the PS3 is when it comes to Rockstar. I've been watching some vids of GTA TBOGT, and the game looks amazing even to this day, it is one of the best looking, most intense open world games today. I think Rockstar's AGENT will make infamous 2 look humble.

LinuxGuru3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Good point(s).

The game probably does look different and possibly not up to snuff because it is in a city environment, which is full of boring flat surfaces.

While the game may look "meh", it is almost guaranteed to actually be technically superior on almost every level, albeit in environments that do not cater towards lush displays of translucency and HDR, tone mapping, subsurface scattering, ambient occlusion, etc (like jungles and such).

Although...the city might be better for nice displays of destruction, reflections, scale, and what have you.


Kaveti - I haven't seen much Agent footage or screens. Any linkies?

kaveti66163294d ago

Nothing has been shown from Agent. But I've been looking at what modders can do with the RAGE engine on PC, and I believe Rockstar can and will get close to that level of visual quality with Agent. I'm confident.

I've been playing GTA 4 again recently and the two DLC expansions. The visuals are breathtaking for a game of that scope. The flora looks bad, but the textures in various closed areas are very impressive. And that's just on 360. So, the PS3 I think can pull off much more than what we see in GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption.

PS360fanboy3294d ago

Yes, Agent is looking like pshing the limits so far, that logo is in stunning HD...

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Snakefist303294d ago

Wheres the PS3 version of crysis 2??

KingKiff3294d ago


An honest comparison should be all 3 platforms.

SexyPrawns3294d ago


This writer is trying WAY too hard to sound intelligent.

kaveti66163294d ago

I don't see that as a problem that much. Now, when journalists try to sound ghetto... that's a different story.

Sarcasm3294d ago

Yeah it's better than the writers who don't make any attempt to write in proper english at all, let alone sound intelligent.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

''Crytek didn’t bring along a PS3 to the party ''

Something is going on there (which I don't know if this is good or bad in the development). I don't see previews and news about PS3 Version and 3D Version.

LinuxGuru3294d ago

Well, not everyone excels at making 3D games the first try, so they might be struggling a bit, especially since it's their first time on the Cell B.E. architecture.

Give 'em some time.

cloud4953294d ago

but they must have some footage that we can watch

D3athc3ll3294d ago

Haha - played both in my dreams and the ps3 version is superior to the xbox 360.

The pc version looks best, but not by far if u take the ps3 version in consideration. The Hdr ultra glowing lightning on the ps3 tech with the dynamic running core's and the slim texture desighn on walls and mirrors makes it even more eyecandy!

But what impresses me most is the fps on the ps3 - the pc is 60, the xbox 360 is 12 and the ps3 41!. Imba sh*t!!

Anyway stop talking sh*t and wait for the f*cking game to come out on all versions before u say it is the best graphics for consoles - cause it aint. Itll never beat Killzone 3!!!

Pandamobile3293d ago

Lol, in your dreams is right.

TwistedMetal3294d ago

with destructable environments, tornados and all those particle effects, etc. You can believe the masters that is rockstar will be able to go even farther then ever.

Pandamobile3293d ago

This has nothing to do with Rockstar, read the article.