Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White Version Review [PokemonAUS]

Pokémon Black and White will at first feel like just another Pokémon RPG on the Nintendo DS but Game Freak have done enough to differentiate their newest generation. Collecting and battling with all new Pokémon, exploring a variety of locations, and watching the stunning cut scenes throughout the story will all stay planted in your head as an enjoyable and memorable experience. Newcomers might be turned off with the lack of familiar Pokémon characters they may have been exposed to over the years but fans of the series will enjoy exploring a new world with 156 new Pokémon.

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MrAwesome3294d ago

Wow great score!im pretty sure ill buy this.

scar203292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

i have the japanese version and its long as hell and all the new stuff they added really gives you your moneys worth.

ranmafandude3292d ago

are always solid jrpgs. that's why i always feel confident in buying them even though they don't change much. nintendo makes fun games and pokemon games are fun.

-Gespenst-3292d ago

Wow. It's amazing how consistent Pokemon games are. It must just be a winning formula, because let's get real, they don't make drastic changes between games. They're kind of like the Dynasty Warriors franchise but good. (Although I like dynasty warriors 3..)

despair3292d ago

thats what I'm saying and it really annoys the hell out of me that they never made a proper console pokemon RPG with full 3d world and story, they are glad to milk the franchise with minor updates each time and new pokemon. I honest haven't seen that big an improvement since red/blue days, considering how long ago they came out.

GiantJedi3291d ago

They put a shit load of new stuff in there like wifi and junk, pokemon is probably in the top 10 video game franchises list if there was one.

Dday1413291d ago

This shit don't even have a release date and already there's reviews? Wtf

JJFNIGHTS803291d ago

DAY ONE FOR ME AND A NEW 3DS I CAN'T WAIT. Now theirs like probably 500+ pokemon.