GamePeople: Comic Jumper’s Sexist Undertones

"As a side-scrolling beat ‘em up come shooter, Comic Jumper had my attention early. The overbearing presentation and loud bickering characters screamed at me to pay attention and marvel at the developers ‘funny’ self-referential nature.

But aside from a few humorous early moments, Comic Jumper failed spectacularly to endear itself to me. The appalling attitudes towards women and the irritating gameplay undermined any potential the concept had. Even the basic premise of parodying comic books fell flat as Twisted Pixel resorted to stone-age attitudes towards the medium."

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cain1413020d ago

The humor however juvenile was pretty funny to me...

Magical Nate3020d ago

I clicked the agree button but I just wanted to express that I couldn't agree more with you cain. It was even funnier to play with a buddy of mine cause he and I laugh at the same stupid stuff.

Chuk53020d ago

The museum part is not even an undertone, it was deliberate. It's also social commentary because that part takes place in the silver age so the feminist movement was on the cusp.

Clumzyagent3020d ago

It was totally to play off the S&M villain. Pretty funny still

BetaChris3020d ago

Personally, I think the author is confusing sexism with parody. Much like an exploitation film, Comic Jumper is fully aware that it is occasionally raunchy, distasteful, and even at times disrespectful to women - but all of this is meant to be taken in jest.

Perhaps as a reminder that the title's supposed sexism is all in good fun, twisted pixel gave Captain Smiley a headstrong, intelligent, and highly professional personal assistant, via Gerda. In a world chock full of Bradbots, feminists, and S&M fetishists, is Gerda an exception to the rule, or just another pretty face for Smiley and Star to cheekily leer at?

Chuk53020d ago

Agreed. This person is too caught up on being socially sensitive that they are completely missing comic jumper's satirical nature.