Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a Triumph (PS3) - Ripten Review

Ripten: First and foremost, I will start this review with my opinion: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is the series first triumph in three dimensions. It’s an Epic adventure, not limited to one castle as many previous iterations have been, this is a game that will take you through a world so grand in scale and artistically visually stunning that you’ll have no desire to leave.

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aselah3299d ago

This game looks amazing and I can't believe the amount of graphics and gameplay changes that really looks like the game has gone above and beyond it's predecessors!

MrMccormo3299d ago

Out of curiosity, is this game good, or just "good for a Castlevania game?"

Not flaming at all. I'm just asking because many reviewers keep saying "it's the first great 3D Castlevania".

CrzyFooL3299d ago

Looks that by most reviews it's just a good game. Most people who compare it to older Castlevania games seem to actually like it LESS. So it might even help if you're not a Castlevania fan. It is a reboot after all and I think it's aimed at gamers who aren't familiar with 2d Castlevania and are more into God of War type of games. Just my 2cents. But really, do Konami and Kojima ever dissapoint?

Iceland3299d ago

I got it two days ago and it really is good. Beautiful looking game.


darkcharizard3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

And no way this game is surpassing the 2D greats:

Rondo of Blood
Symphony of the Night
Super Castlevania IV
Aria of Sorrow

.... It's not even as good as Dawn of Sorrow.

CrzyFooL3299d ago

So PS3 version is indeed better judging by most scores of both. Now I'm sad I only have a 360 to play it on :-(

jaredhart3299d ago

That's why you need to have both systems.

CrzyFooL3299d ago

You want to buy one for me? lol

Perjoss3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

I've read the comparison articles, there is a very small frame rate difference favoring the PS3. The 360 version comes on 2 discs and requires a swap even if you have it installed, considering the ps3 was lead platform I think the 360 version is very good. Would be nice to see more devs make the effort to make more multi plat games 'even' like this.

I'm going to pick this up this week and probably on the PS3 (it does have a slight edge) even though I have both consoles and the 360 is usually my preference mainly for the pad and I have more friends with a 360. Makes a change to buy a multi plat on the PS3.

edit: spelling

Ashriel3299d ago

It's still the same experience on both consoles :/

TheMutator3299d ago

yeah yeah ps3 corrupted data and glitches lol

MorganX3299d ago

Don't feel bad. I have it on 360 and it's fantastic. No complaints, no slow down, no screen tearing. Go for it.

lexington3299d ago

Finally a multi console that is better on PSWii. But you have to remember that it was developed with PSWii as the lead console and pushing da cell hard. Then ported to 360 which handled it easily. Had it been lead on 360 then ported to p3d it would run at about 10fps.

Ju3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Must explain why it's leaps and bounds above (e.g.) Enslaved then, huh? Isn't that a game which showcases what the 360 can do? (UE3) lol

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wakash3299d ago

i still need to play this game!!!

-Mezzo-3299d ago

9 is what this game diserve, i have been playing it for the last 5 days at it,s amazing.

vicious69833299d ago

I'll wait for a bit to check this one out. I'm very bored of God of War, Dante's Inferno...

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