Batman: Arkham City Concept Art Hints At Mr.Freeze's Appearance Icy streets, frosty windows and frozen pipes make for some chilly nights in Arkham City! We all know that after Maurice LaMarche claimed he was working on Arkham City, that Mr.Freeze was a strong possibility to appear in the game. But with Rocksteady giving out interviews left right and center they made sure to state that the only villains confirmed so far are those that have been officially featured in the recent magazine articles.

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NAGNEWS2929d ago

i never liked Mr.Freeze

deadreckoning6662928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I did...especially the Arnold Schwartzeneggar version lol.


toaster2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Yeah he was totally badass in the comics and in the TV shows, especially in Batman: The Animated Series.

With Mr Freeze, this opens up more than just the bleak and dark streets of Gotham, a snow/ice level would be insane. Also with different environments lets Batman use more gadgets, hehehe.

SactoGamer2929d ago

It it going to be the DC Comics Mr Freeze or the Arnold Schwartzeneggar Mr Freeze?

antz11042928d ago

Maybe they'll get into how his body dies and he's a disembodied head in a mechanical suit. That'd be cool. Always liked his tragic backstory.