Playstation Move PS3 Controller in short supply at retailers

PunchJump writes: "Sony Corp.’s Playstation Move controller for the Playstation 3 is in short supply at U.S. retailers post launch of the motion-based hardware in Sept.

On Mon., the Playstation Move product page disclaimed a ‘Backordered’ status at

Additionally, the Playstation Move product page at disclaimed a ship time of two to four weeks."

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Meisadragon3291d ago

it will be available on november.

Sony sucks. They dont even knw the demand.

Cyrus3653291d ago

Some locations have none, went in gamestop, and they had some in my area...but it's hit or miss.

TotalPS3Fanboy3291d ago

underestimate how popular Move will be.

Hoping they have enough supplies for the Holiday.

WildArmed3291d ago

I've been searching HI and LOW for a PS Move in my area.
I finally found a Target that had 2 Move's remaining about 10miles away from my house.
So i went and bought em.

Now I have to go return one move controller and get a navigation controller. lol, I totally 4got that I needed a navi controller too :D

Soo yeah, going back today and getting a navi controller (and returning 1 Move).
Tight budget FTL

DarkTower8053291d ago

This is hardware we're talking about, it takes more time to produce than software.

DasBunker3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

in after people claiming at their local stores they have oceans of moves collecting dust... theres ALWAYS some of them in this kind of articles. *yawn*

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GoldPS33291d ago

The good news is people want the Move and the bad news there's not enough in supply. Sony will get them out before the holidays.

marinelife93291d ago

I had to look around for a while to find another Move controller. Walmart, Target, Gamespot were all out including all but one Best Buy that had plenty on their shelf.

masterg3291d ago

It's the same here in Denmark.

I had people over on Friday so I figured I better go out and get a second controller. Non of the shop had any. Not even the starter kit.

avengers19783291d ago

It's getting plenty of good word of mouth. I seen some at BestBuy the other day but only a few sprotschampions bundles and Navigators. But I have seen the PS3 320 gig move bundle all over the place.
Maybe Sony was just expecting to sell more to first time PS3 buyers then, there base.
IMO the Move is well worth the purchase, and I've had a lot of fun with Sports Champions, can't wait for The Shoot, and Sorcery to come out.

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Shaymin3291d ago

Congratulations Sony

The Move had a good start and the demand is still high

I just wish more games were compatible with the move


And is not even out in Japan. PS move for sure is a success.

TheLastGuardian3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I think Sports Champions, RE5, Heavy Rain and Tumle is enough to last til The Shoot, Time Crisis and The Fight comes out. I'm not too impressed with the demos for The Shoot or Time Crisis and The Fight looks like it would be fun for a little bit then get repetitive and boring. I don't think it will sell well because it requires 2 move controllers. I will be using my Dualshock 3 mostly for the rest of this year except for with The Sly Collection and GT5. I can't wait to use it with Killzone 3, Socom 4, Sorcery, Playstation Move Heroes and LBP2.

ndibu3291d ago

4 weeks later they will run out.

jneul3291d ago

nice try troll moves sales are around 500k by now, funny you have one bubble... wonder why

Meisadragon3291d ago

DAMNIT, DO you see the ps3 fanboys anywhere? dont provoke them and make this site fanboy hellhole again

acky13291d ago

the first few comments were borderline fanboy.

lexington3291d ago

It's in short supply because all the retirement homes are buying them up to replace their Wii's. The pretty little pink ball thingy is easier for the residents to see.

Denethor_II3291d ago

"the first few comments were borderline fanboy."

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Meisadragon it's too late. I declare war! lol

Corny joke. I'll remember than one when Kinect hits store shelves.

Adva3291d ago

Where the hell are the mods for this website?!

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R_aVe_N3291d ago

There is a store here in Arkansas that has cases of them sitting in the stockroom.

madpuppy3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

in the middle of the Nevada desert. They are right next to the crate with the German writing and the burn marks obscuring the swastikas.

Sony has top people working on them as we speak...Top people.

acky13291d ago

So many hypocritical ps3 fans on here, it gets so boring everytime something good happens for sony and people personally congratulate them as if it makes their life meaningful but when something good happens for microsoft they downplay and attack it.

MysticStrummer3291d ago

Is it about as boring as 360 fans trolling PS3 articles?

acky13291d ago

Yeh, it gets to be more boring tho cos there's more ps3 die-hards than there are xbox on here.

DasBunker3291d ago

the door is always open.. nothing is stopping you to leave to an xbox circle jerk site, you might enjoy it more over there.

MysticStrummer3291d ago

If that's true, and I'm not sure it is, it used to be the exact opposite here. Times change, and what goes around comes around.

acky13291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I'd rather news4gamers was for gamers, I joined it thinking most biased reasoning would be left at the open door.

DasBunker3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

lol not even "professional journalism" leaves the bias-ness at the door.. controversy is what gives them hits.

Moentjers3291d ago


you should have been here when the PS3 came out :-/

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visualb3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

you sound so bothered by something so trivial its quite pathetic.

whats the point of the comment? you are actually complaining about people expressing their over adulation for a company

read your complaint,
look in the mirror
then read your complaint again
then switch off your computer, and go outside, and get some fresh air.

seriously. Move is sold out in some retailers. Some people randomly congratulate the company. WOW!-_-

acky13291d ago

I am getting so much abuse for being level headed.

I love my ps3. I've had years of fun with it. MGS4 is the main reason I bought one and boy was that worth it...fantastic game. Also enjoyed tonnes of other games on it like COD4, Uncharted, Bioshock and the rest.

I will be getting Move, holding out right now cos I hope someone will be kind enough to buy me it for my birthday but if not, I'll get it after with Heavy Rain n Resi 5.

I really don't think it's me who needs to look at myself. If Sony does something rubbish, I question them, on the other hand if they get something good sorted out (like LoveFilm) I am happy, but not for Sony, for me. I really don't understand the allegiance some people have to a faceless company.

I've been sick to death of the awful attitude of the ps3 fans on here which recently has really started to annoy me. It's the kind of way you'd expect to see football casuals acting or catholics n protestants....but not gamers. It gets pretty serious in some of these discussion threads over the simplest of jokes or obvious trolling statement. People need to lighten up.


bustamove3291d ago


Leave if you have a problem with the 'PS3 fanboys' here.