Mass Effect 2 PS3: More than an Xbox hand-me-down?

CVG: Just how important is BioWare's port to Sony's console?

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zootang3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

About as important as FF13 for 360 fans I'd guess. A few spoilers in there for people who haven't played the game.

MrMccormo3761d ago

Remember how 360 gamers clamored (and still clamor) for MGS4, a game from 2008?

A good game is a good game, and ME2 is among the best, now playable on PS3.

number473761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

The unreal engine fine and enjoy Mass Effect. Its a good game, but not the same thing as MGS4 as far as the times go. Remember, MGS4 cant run on the 360, so that isn't even a possibility. Also I dont remember anyone hating on ME. MSG4 is still called a 40 hour movie with 1 hour of gameplay.

darthv723761d ago

also, the words "hand me down" are totally wrong in this situation. Hand me down implies its to small for the original and is now being passed on to someone or something smaller.

Not the case and very poor choice of words IMO. Flaimbait if anything. This gen has shown that there can be multiplatform games that are of equal or lesser and sometimes greater value.

If you look at the SNES genesis era and saw a multiplatform game, there are obvious differences due to platform specifications. This gen is much closer than they are apart. People need to get off that as I can guarantee the next gen will be NOTHING like this when it comes to similarities.

I think the right phrase to use would be hand me over or pass me across. In that the original is letting someone (or something) else try it on for size and see if it can be worn differently. Sometimes a suit may not look quite right on one person but look smashing on someone else.

tacosRcool3760d ago

More like a GOTY edition with some spicy flavors!

gamingisnotacrime3760d ago

but among the best... hardly imo

No Way3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

There is no proof to say that MGS4 couldn't run on the x360.
Except for the whole disc debacle, that's about it, I would think.
I'm curious to see how MGSRising turns out, to compare to MGS4.

And, you kidding me? People downed Mass Effect all day.
Of course, until it was announced for PS3, same for BioShock..

barom3760d ago

Didn't read the article cause I didn't want any spoilers. Anyone wanna do a quick spoiler free summary?

foker3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

@No way,..

How the hell would MGS4 run on 360 ,..?

It is 50 gigs large when compressed,..
DVD9 - at least 2,5gigs Ms takes of, for protection on each disc,..
that leaves you with 5.5 to 6 GB,.. + redundant data (that repeets trough all the disks,.. )

It would take them 8-9 DVD9s just to fit it on the system,... If you take that in consideration,.. and they have to pay for royalties on each DVD,.. they would be paying you for the game at 60usd ,.. More likely game would cost 170usd,.. which is ridiculous,..

Same goes for most PS3 exclusives,.. they would need at least 3dvd9s with rediced production quality,.. Like FF13,.. which looks/sounds like crap compared to ps3 version due to compression,..

edhe3760d ago

@Foker, @no way said *except* for the disc issue it could run fine.

So arguing the disc issue is a moot point.

Monkey5213760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

It would'nt be so much about the disc issue, but rather the content of the game. Do you realize how many Sony/ Apple references there are in this game? Kojima Productions would have to replace all of these if it were to come out for the xbox. It's not reasonable unless you were paid quite a heavy sum of money to do so.

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plb3761d ago

Well Mass Effect is also on PC so it's not just restricted to Xbox only.

Moonboots3760d ago

I made the same comment later in the thread.. Didn't see this.

Some people tend to forget that. Great game on 360 and PC.

avengers19783761d ago

The PS3 version is supposed to have the DLC that has come out since the orginal release, plus they have said they are going to do something special for PS3 fans to help introduce the series to them.
I played the orginal way back when I still had a 360, but didn't get to play ME 2 so this is going to be great.

Organization XII3760d ago

trollllllllllll alerttttttttttt

Persistantthug3760d ago

especially not if the PS3 ends up with the best version of the game.

edhe3760d ago

Here's hoping their intro sequence can make up for the lack of character import :)

vhero3760d ago

What I love the most about the release is it proves who the fanboys really are. Those who used to say it was great once it was exclusive to one console who are now saying it's average etc.. It's sad really that peoples view is based on exclusivity. It won't sell as well on PS3 though due to multiple console owners already opting for the 360 version but a few may pick up the more full PS3 edition for collectors sake and because they genuinely like the game.

blind-reaper3760d ago

But mass effect 2 is an awesome game, FFXII is a Meh game...

antt33760d ago

I've owned a PS3 for a few years. This summer, I won a bunch of 360 games (including Mass Effect 1 and 2), so I went out and bought a 360. I actually *just* beat ME1 this week and just started ME2. And I have to say, PS3-only owners are in for a treat. It's a fantastic game. As a big fan of games like Oblivion and Fallout 3, I can say this game will appeal to those types of gamers.

The RPG elemts are dialed back in comparison, and of course this is a Sci-fi game, but many of those same elements are in place.

If you only have a PS3, pick this up. And if you have a 360 and haven't played it yet, what are you waiting for? :-)

Andronix3760d ago

Bioshock launched exclusively on 360. A year later it came out on PS3. It was still a great game but it didn't sell jack shit. Bioware have to make the PS3 version great or it will suffer.

Bioware have to understand that there are many multiple console owning households who could easily buy ME2 on 360 for a big discount.

If the PS3 version is technically weaker (even slightly) this will damage the sales. It has to be better.

The rumoured Mass Effect Genesis should be included. It could be another condensed way to tell the ME1 story. An interactive flashback. With at least an hour of gameplay.

Just my two-pence worth!

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Myst3761d ago

If so it's a very good hand me down.

Lovable3761d ago

Just like what the article stated.

Myst3761d ago

Yep and goes along with this sentence:
"Put another way, Mass Effect 2 coming to PS3 in January is a big, big deal."

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skimming3760d ago

IMO the very best game in all XBox library. Soon to be part of PS3 as well.

Glad to have more people enjoy the journey. Please tell the frieds all about it so we're all guarenteed next iterations of this awesome saga.

This is what next-gen gaming is all about.

Shoko3761d ago

No. We're in 2010 now, not 06-07. 99.9% of devs now do proper PS3 ports, and some multiplats have even been better on the PS3. Bioware are skilled devs and they know what they're doing. This version will be better than the 360 version.

Lovable3761d ago

Well considering what happened with Dragon Age...I'm not gonna be surprise.

iPad3761d ago

Dragon Age was superior on the PS3?

lastdual3761d ago

Dragon Age was a tradeoff. Slightly higher res textures, but lower frame rate and a few missing effects (such as water filters). Only the PC version really came out ahead.

Pedobear Rocks3760d ago

didn't make the console versions of the game... Edge of Reality did.

lexington3761d ago

OMG Dragonage sputted and spuddered and nearly choked my ps3. I mean at one point I thought I was gonna have to call Sony 911 to get a paramedic to revive my psWii's powwa of da cell!!

Redrum0593761d ago

no one is laughing at your comment, nor do they think its clever.

DarkFantasy3760d ago

Dragon age ran fine on my ps3 except for this one time where Liliana went all retarded on me XD

(wasn't exactly like this but close enough)

DaTruth3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

And you can tell by the massive disagrees with no agrees!

Edit: LMAO @ above video(DarkFantasy)! Almost got an aneurysm from that!

No Way3760d ago

Hahaha, that video is hilarious.
You can't hate on a glitch like that, ;)

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Moonboots3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

"This version will be better than the 360 version. "

You had to go there?? I would never be so bold to pretend I know enough to make a statement like that.

Considering ME2 on the PC and 360 ties into the first game with game saves and it is done well. I would say everyone's getting a good game here.

Shoko3760d ago

Alot of times, when these kind of games get ported over to the PS3 a year later, they're better. For instance, the AI in Bisoshock was better on the PS3. Some games have had better textures. Some games have had more EXCLUSIVE content.

Just spittin facts. You think they're gonna port this game over and add nothing to it? Blasphemy.

SockMaster3761d ago

They will probably add some improvements to make it better than the 360 version, i also belive PS3 owners are getting the DLC realased for it for free? could be wrong though. But that alone will help it out.

Anywho who cares if it was (as said above if it was a hand-me down, its a very good one) its Mass Effect 2...Should be pretty good!

eggbert3761d ago

On the PS3 version.

I have the PC version already, but this is pretty good news for people who only own a PS3.

Chuk53761d ago

Yoga fire! Yoga fire! Yoga Flame!