IGN: FIFA 11 Wii Review

IGN writes: "FIFA on Wii always seems to be going through a bit of an identity crisis. Last year it dabbled with super-powered shots and slow-motion effects, the year before that we were greeted with cute and cuddly player avatars in an All-Play rendition of soccer. FIFA 11 once again re-invents what the series is trying to do on Wii with 5-on-5 gameplay that's reminiscent of the debunked FIFA Street franchise. Sadly the 5-on-5 in this year's edition doesn't do much to spice things up and other mechanical changes make this year's FIFA a disappointing effort on Wii."

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EVILDEAD3603289d ago

Are there any good soccer games on the Wii?

Shoko3289d ago

Yes. The Pro Evolution Soccer games are the Wii are very solid.

EVILDEAD3603288d ago

Cool..I'll have to check em out..thx..

Just always thought it would be cool to have the Wii mote controls on a good soccer game..just havent got around to buying any

Venox20083288d ago

Pro evolution soccer :)