NYCC: Yay Kinect, We Look Ridiculous...

ISM: Overview aside, Kinect was there; and Jose and Storm both played it. We still have a ton of more footage/pics from NYCC, we'll be rapping it up later today.

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Pennywise3299d ago

That didn't look fun. They looked like they were bored out of their minds.

TotalPS3Fanboy3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

If only these Kinect games were as exciting and revolutionary as promised by the marketing hype. The reality is they're just boring simple gesture-based games.

8-bit3299d ago

Why does the figure in the corner of the screen in the first video spaz out? 2 minutes in..

This is ready for retail?

rroded3299d ago

tho being in a busy conference room doesnt help

still even in perfect conditions its buggy as hell.

SasanovaS19873299d ago

rofl roflr folrofl the end of the first video, guy focuses on the epic fail of the avatars....dude thats killing meeee wow im dying here hahahaa

Chubear3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

if not for sheep mentality, why would any gamer buy this thing? No seriously, I would like someone to inform me better cause maybe I haven't seen the great gaming experiences you can have with this thing.

So far everything shown for kinect is below par of the average games for the eyetoy on the PS2 talkless of the many great titles the eyetoy has.

For every vid we see of the masses (not paid actors forcing the look of "fun") playing kinect it doesn't look much fun at all but you still get many on this site and others saying it's a "day one" purchase or they'll get it when it's 100bucks or below

So enlighten me, what's the appeal in this kinect that you've seen that will make you spend over $200 (or any money at all) for the camera and the games?

number473299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

doesn't even have a cpu. Yet it still gets blind support. Move works, and im still not buying it. But Move at least works in any condition. Kinect is going to sell so well based on not showing gameplay for commercials, and selling lies pretty much. Natal was hyped as Minority report at home, where your body is the controller for all these new interactive experiences. Milo, all of that was just horse craw.

Xboxfans should be happy that Microsoft is going to make a ton of money for (well not for any gaming lineup, buying first party studios, or reducing xbl costs) but for something, based on Kinect's success of having absolutely nothing but shovelware that cant even do Wii-RipOffs. Its webcam games at a premium.Sad state of gaming I'd say, but not too sad, because I don't have to force myself to pretend to see potential in this device without a cpu.

8-bit3299d ago

You think there are a lot of Kinect Fail videos on youtube now.. Just wait till it is the consumers hands and anyone could make a video and upload it. The tech is buggy and not ready for the market but MS are launching it anyway

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gamingdroid3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Really, because if you look at the second video when people are actually playing you can clearly see a smile almost all the way through.

Check it out yourself. Towards the end of the video you even hear the girl say "awesome" loudly!

VINNIEPAZ3299d ago

"Really, because if you look at the second video when people are actually playing you can clearly see a smile almost all the way through."

Yea that was probably the best video I seen for Kinect (it acctualy look like it was working) in awhile and almost makes me want to get one. I still just dont get why things like the avatars get that "jitter" effect, they need to iron that out.

And to all the haters. like I always say "If you are a gamer and want Move or Kinect to fail, then YOU fail as a gamer"

Stop being close minded fanboys.

Pennywise3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

I watched the second video. The guy looked uncomfortable and bored.

I don't care what that girl thinks. She might have had fun... That doesn't mean that what I saw her or him doing was even considered remotely fun FOR ME. Key words = FOR ME.

I am not being close minded... I am just stating how I feel. Kinect is junk. Open your eyes.

MS has abandoned you guys after Halo Reach. Why are you blindly following them still? You guys still can count on Epic games to give you something hardcore next year.

STiRacer3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Man this kinect deal is just garbage. I dont know about you guys but this gens era of trying embrace all of this motion controls bullshit is just sad. Never in my early days of gaming would i thought that waving and pointing your hands, be it controller free or with some kind of magical dildo with a glowing ball on top, at a TV set would be something to be considered fun in anyway. and to think, all of these fanboys trying to defend this crap just because of their blind loyalty to some giant corporation just baffles me. all i can say is, that I cant wait until these "motion controls fad" fades away and dies. The sooner the better because all i foresee the inevitable; a crapload of shovelware.

KingME3299d ago

@pennywise - now you're a profiler huh. Dude, you have so many talents. The people in the video were smiling and appeared to be having fun, somehow you fanatical fanboy attitude blinded you from seeing that.

Once again everyone Pennywise present and/or account for at in a kinect thread. You are well on your way to becoming the biggest troll on N4G.

madara0sama3298d ago

The thing about kinect is that IT FAILS. So many gamers hate it because it's a complete fail product, wasting everyone's money and we all just fu*king feel bad for those dumb ass cows who buys product like this. If your a dude that finds the things girls like "awesome" then your probably gay.

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visualb3299d ago

seriously? thats really funny =P

@ everyone saying "why do you people come to kinect articles if you aren't interested in it"

because its hilarious...=P

and...i do see wiihaveaproblem like website for people who hurt eachother with kinect =/ those guys are seriously close to smacking eachother =P

alphakennybody3299d ago

wearing a glass in while playing game is silly they say... this is far more than ridiculous, this is losing your dignity.

Troll_Police3299d ago

That was embarrassing to watch.

Moentjers3298d ago

ask yourself: how many times would you want to play this shitty game ?

I think this guy wanted to step out after 10"

Shaymin3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Kinect is Ridiculous

Squall50053299d ago

Your avatar totally sums up this video.