Batman Arkham City - New Game Details

RockSteady has not only expanded Batman’s World beyond the Arkham Asylum, but they have expanded Batman’s abilities, and the games scale. Now that gamers will explore a whole region of Arkham City; there are loads of new features to keep in mind while planning your route exploring the city of Arkham.

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Shadowolf3297d ago

This game is definitely high on my list of 2011 releases. Thanks for the uppdate!

Yi-Long3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Batman AA is one of the very best games of this generation.

I just hope the 2D Scarecrow levels will be back, plus some co-op ad/or challengerooms with Robin (Tim) and Batgirl (Cassandra) and Nightwing would be great...

vgcgames3297d ago

the dark knight enters the world of roam, as in roaming around for someone to beat up on.

Quagmire3296d ago

As much as i love Assazssins Creed, it would be epic if it used the AA freeflow combat mechanics, considering the criticisms towards AC's combat system.


till this day AA actually has my favorite combat system of any beat-um-up or hack and slash game I can think of.

I loved the challenge modes, it was the only game I could think of were I could just pop the disk in and spend hours beating the crap out people without getting tired.

Some of his moves and the way he would bound from one guy to the next so fast, plus the sound of each punch, kick, neck snap.. it just felt so much more physical and so much more brutal then most games -- then add to that the slow-mo that would drop in when batman's foot is connecting to some poor chaps face !

if they could combine a city on the size and scale of something like AC or GTA and have AA combat going on, it could very well end up being my best beat-um-up ever !

make it happen RS !

Galaxia3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

This will be on top of my list , can't wait to feel that incredible experience.

lochdoun3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

don't you mean city of Gotham?