Section 8 50% off on PSN, Prejudice Coming to PS3 in 2011

Mark Yetter from the PlayStation Blog announces a price drop in Section 8. "I’m here with two exciting announcements for PS3 players. First, I’m thrilled to confirm that we’re bringing our new title, Prejudice, to the PS3 in 2011! We’ve been working really hard to take our sci-fi shooter series to new heights; no easy task considering players literally drop into combat from 15,000 feet above the battlefield."

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unrealgamer582928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

but yeah thanks

xtheownerzx2928d ago

Not a mean comment at all. I heard the game was that good at all and yours opinion is your own. Thanks for the comment

Hellsvacancy2928d ago

The games crap but its fun online, its just there isnt many players online

infamousowner2928d ago

i played the game with a few of my friends unlocking the trophies and i have to say the online was decent. Thats where i stop praising the game.

Myst2928d ago

You know I got this game when it was like five of ten dollars and never beat the story. I should probably go back on my free day and complete it. Also I must give the developers some credit if it is there idea to push this game, they are slashing it's price left and right it seems.

KillerPwned2928d ago

I tried the demo i could not just get into that game at all.

ISKREEM2928d ago

I enjoyed the first game, and i'm definitely going to pick this one up. But I don't think this game should cost any more then $40.

pedrof932928d ago

I bought it, and I dont regret it.

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