Xbox 360 AT&T U-verse support actually hits this Friday

Ex: We previously reported on internal AT&T documents that the ability to stream AT&T U-verse IPTV through the Xbox 360 was coming next month. Now AT&T has revealed today that it is actually arriving this Friday, October 15.

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killyourfm2929d ago

U-Verse isn't available where I'm at, otherwise I'd jump on it. But where has the Xbox PR team been? This is a pretty big deal.

Queasy2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Yeah, as much as they played it up three years ago, it is surprising they are hyping this more.

I briefly subscribed to and then canceled my U-verse TV subscription (kept the internet).

The thing that killed it for my household was the inability to pause and rewind live TV on an receiver except the main DVR. Surprisingly, this was a big no-no for my wife and kids who have been spoiled by TiVo and DirecTV's DVRs.

When I contacted AT&T about this, they said that that was a feature that was coming but couldn't give a timeline.

2929d ago