Fable III In-Game Bonuses Added to All Pre-Orders

In addition to the various offers available at retailers throughout Europe and North America, Microsoft has revealed an all-new pre-order bonus for the forthcoming Fable III. Set to be released on 29th October 2010, Fable III is undoubtedly one of the most highly-anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive releases remaining in this year’s schedule.

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NewsForMe3290d ago

What ever happened to the PC version?

eggbert3289d ago

they announced a delay back in august or something. Not sure when it's delayed too anyways.

DarkBlood3289d ago

im pretty sure i heard it has something to do with giving the 360 more time for teh sales

kaveti66163289d ago

@ darkblood

was that just like the time Sony delayed Heavy Rain and MAG so they would do better in sales?

Yeah, both companies do it.

being_in_itself3289d ago

I really love Fable but man, when reading this and being confronted with the statement re Albion joining the "industrial age", I couldn't help but sigh...

I've known about the setting of the game but just really get disappointed each time I think about it. I love the whole middle age, whatever time frame, so much more - the first Fable, Oblivion, etc.

T3MPL3TON 3289d ago

It's time to stop thinking Dungeons and Dragons and time to start thinking, Viva La Revolution.

being_in_itself3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Hahahahahaha - I've NEVER played D&D and never want to. The whole magic thing works better for me in the olden days. Plus, I like armor. Yep, for whatever reason, I like armor, sword wielding, magic firing, D&D-esque doucheness.

Call me a douche!

@Jetlian - Oh, and yes, it will still feel very Fable like - I'm crazy, crazy pumped for this game, but I just have some douchey affinity for the middle age-esque magic arcane arts BS.

As I said, I'm a big, BIG doucher.

jetlian3289d ago

the industrial age isn't 1900 on up it could be early to mid 1700s. It would still feeel very fable like