E4G: Dragon Age 2 hands on

E4G: During the first day of the Eurogamer Expo I wasn’t able to find the dragon age 2 booth but thankfully on the second day I did (it was in the middle of the 18+ area, who knew?). Like many sequels at the show, dragon age 2 looks to be taking what was good (and bad) with the first game (Dragon Age: Origins) and improving upon the template that was laid down in a meaningful way.

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shepowy3297d ago

I adored the first Dragon Age, despite its flaws on consoles, and if Dragon Age 2 can give Mass Effect 2 a run for its money then we will have one hell of a swords and sorcery RPG in the making.

dkblackhawk503297d ago

Dragon Age 2 definitly sounds interesting.

ArchangelMike3297d ago

I'm loving Dragon Age at the moment, it is a bit rough around the edges - but once you get into it it's a pretty good game. If Bioware can sort out all the nigles, and overhaul the combat, then I'm definately in for Dragon Age 2.