Medal of Honor Marketing Director Explains 'Taliban' Removal

Joystiq: "In writing about the "controversy" surrounding Medal of Honor's multiplayer and the subsequent name change of one faction from "Taliban" to "Opposing Force," we've heard from two sides, primarily -- EA corporate and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. But we've never heard directly from the folks developing MOH -- Danger Close Games. Earlier this week at an EA event in New York City, we talked with Danger Close marketing director Craig Owens. Owens spoke to why he believes the name change occurred, what it will accomplish, and how internal reactions have been at Danger Close."

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DelbertGrady3295d ago

"We're a bunch of spineless p*ssies".

mrv3213295d ago


'We are making a game and not looking for the largely stupid mainstream to look at this and bring back gaming as a genre to the 1980's'

Think about, the mainstream are morons, they are taking OFFENCE because the taliban is shooting Americans, but not the fact that

B) Taliban are ALSO know as OpFor :P
C) THE WESTERN WORLD IS NOT EXPOSED TO WAR, sure you are being shot virtually but the real problem is the fact that there's still Americans still fighting an unwinable war.

3295d ago
Darkstorn3295d ago


Conservative political correctness is just as prevalent as that of liberals, as evidenced by the outcome of this controversy.

gamerdude1323295d ago

Freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? Dude, that's been gone for a couple years now.

Oh, and if anyone decides to do some research, we're a proven Republic.

Rusco873295d ago

theres lots going on about this. it just seems to me that now ea have changed it from the Taliban treyarch and activation will probably stick it in the next cod game after black opps.

Shaymin3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

They should have never removed the Taliban

Because of this Jack Thompson is talking random crap again

visualb3295d ago

"it got us into the news"

thats why =3

doubt it was a big shock for them, and it helped their media coverage. In a way, Jack will have unintentionally contributed to MoH sales and media awareness =D

ndibu3295d ago

With all due respect, Mr.
Director, I had no idea you'd gotten
experimental surgery to have your
balls removed.

Anorexorcist3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

"We didn't change any pixels in the game at all except for the name, and it only appeared a couple times in multiplayer."

Honestly, that is not a Big F'N Deal!

But to all the nit-picking, b*tching critics: yeah, now American troops in the online multiplayer will only be killed by people who LOOK like the Taliban, yet are not named so.

If Osama Bin Laden changed his name to Max Power, would all you critics (yeah I'm talking to you Bill O' Reilly) forget and not care about him anymore???

theafroman3295d ago

omg this is so dumb, evryone saying they shouldt done this who cares is still the same game nothings change instead the name, as for jack thompson let him talk shit he never won anything he loss his job for being a fucking liar. so to mr thompson fuck you,to gamers saying shit to them fuck you as well

JLeVRT3295d ago

They caved in. So what if it wasnt bein sold on US military bases. That's a small percentage of sales, and i THINK most soldiers wouldnt even care.

They shouldnt have caved cause some fat woman told them to...

Anorexorcist3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I work at Fort Irwin, and there are PLENTY of soldiers that would immediately identify the term "Noob Tube".

Plenty of soldiers at Fort Irwin that I've spoken to know Call of Duty like any other gamer.

I know of a Gamestop at a commissary within Fort Irwin, and I did not see any Medal of Honor posters or cardboard stand-ups for it at all.

You have to take it into the business perspective: Why lose out on millions of additional revenue by just refusing to change one simple word within the games multiplayer? Convert "Taliban" to "Opfor" and BAM!, that immediately opens up a particular sector of the market that would have otherwise been inaccessible.

You also have to realize that it is not just soldiers that purchase from Gamestops on military bases. What about all the other contracted civilians that live on military bases? They would be put out of the profit equation as well.

gcolley3294d ago

some brains on this site, who'd a thought it

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