Fallout New Vegas: The White Glove Society Mission Exclusive Look - Fallout's Darkest Quest Ever?

We're kicking off Epictober with this exclusive and brand-new look into Fallout: New Vegas, where Morgan Webb and designer Eric Fenstermaker from Obsidian delve into the bloody mess behind the White Glove Society. It's definitely one of the darkest moments to date in the Fallout saga, and it'll make you think twice about scarfing down any of the meat you happen to find in the Wasteland.

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fcpthebest2981d ago

Looks great, but if you look closely, you can see a giant women on the right at the end of the video. :(

Brewski0072981d ago

love that name ha.

This is getting snapped up asap , can't wait !!! :) .
The quest they're showing is pretty badass, Thinking of going the evil route for sure on this one.

TheColbertinator2981d ago

Damn that was such a ****ed up mission

Jack-Pyro2981d ago

I still think The Power of Atom was a darker about you Megaton? ;)

Megaton2981d ago

A dark day in this fine town's history. >:|

Spinitus2981d ago

lady passing by is walking in mid-air.

Jack-Pyro2981d ago

Perhaps there are hover-shoes in New Vegas....Nah, that's gotta be a glitch.

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The story is too old to be commented.