The Best Minecraft Video Ever ( "I know, we've been mentioning Minecraft quite a bit recently, but believe me - you're going to want to see this. Imagine someone built a long, straight minecart track, then powered along it the entire way, and sped up the results. OK, stop imagining - it's right here, and it's bloody gorgeous.

There's a high-res texture pack applied to the graphics, and the creator built the entire thing with his bare... bands? My advice - just sit back and enjoy the next 3 minutes."

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RankFTW3018d ago

Looks like it took a while to make.

LarsoVanguard3018d ago

Yeah this video is incredible. Saw it last night on Reddit. I'm so addicted to Minecraft, it's not even funny.

frostypants3018d ago

This must've taken a LOT of meth...