Playstyle Matters: Warren Spector on Disney's Epic Mickey - Part 1

At PAX 2010, IndustryGamers had the chance to sit down for a discussion with Junction Point’s creative director Warren Spector. The developer is currently finishing up Disney’s Epic Mickey for the Nintendo Wii, due for release on November 30, 2010. Spector's been on the show circuit this year, having keynoted both GDC Europe 2010 and PAX 2010, so we were glad to get the chance to sit down and speak with him. He gave us some remarkable insight into his ideas for the game and approach to development in general.

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donniebaseball2981d ago

Great interview. This guy really is an interesting designer, and Mickey looks pretty fun too.

Buff10442981d ago

Yeah Mickey should be one of the biggest games of the year...I hope.

AWBrawler2981d ago

I have never been so hype to play a mickey game