G4: Five Cities Fallout 4 Should Visit

Fallout has existed in the wastelands of Southern California, the blasted remains of Washington, D.C., and now on the rebuilt scraps of Las Vegas, born again from the ashes in the bright lights and clinking slot machines of New Vegas. We've seen both coasts of North America, its Sin City playground, and even Pittsburgh and Anchorage, Alaska via DLC ... but what about the rest of the world

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FrigidDARKNESS3294d ago

Los Angeles would be a good place that city is a toilet dump.

Yi-Long3294d ago

... perfect mix between lots of nature (80% of the city is green) and huge buildings.

ASSASSYN 36o3294d ago

Yeah, I like that as a setting. Especially since china was a key player in the war.

NecrumSlavery3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

The fallout story was created from the war against china. to be there seems a little difficult to do. did china even suffer a fallout in the story?

RedDragan3294d ago

The London setting would be win!!

It has the most epic tube system in the world for a start, and the city (Greater London boundary) is just huge. London didn't build upwards like other cities... it built outwards. That city would be a monstrously big map!!

Jack-Pyro3294d ago

I'll have you know I live in that toilet dump...

kraze073294d ago

So do I. If LA's a toilet dump then I wonder what that makes the rest of America besides the few major cities with infrastructure on par or better then LA's.

being_in_itself3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Have no fear Jack and kraze - I live in Chicago. As I recall, we're one of the most unhappy, shitiest places to live in the US. According to Forbes, we're the 10th most miserable city to live in in the US. Woooo!!! We beat "that toilet dump".

ASSASSYN 36o3294d ago

New York. One of the most used game cities in games and movies. But it will work, especially in a destroyed state.

Xi3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

new orleans would be an interesting stop.

It'd be an interesting way to introduce a "european" connection with all the french influence.

Jack-Pyro3294d ago

Absolutely, I've been wanting a southern style Fallout forever, just imagine what you could do there.

NecrumSlavery3294d ago

Point Lookout had that new orleans feel. Funny too cause the real PL, Maryland isnt backwoods like that.

reckoner3294d ago

the Point Lookout DLC. Which was pretty good.

being_in_itself3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

As a Chicagoan, I'd love to say Chi-town .... but - I disagree with the big city approach. As Yi-Long said, you need a green city w/ nature.

I think a west coast mountain city could be cool (Portland, perhaps - think of the radiated rain there..???), Hong Kong is super cool, I like the author's London, and the author mentions Amazon which isn't a city so I'd choose Rio there but I don't think SA works well.

You know, its hard to say. I'd like to play around in New Vegas first and see how that works as its not the optimal setting I would think but if it works well, who knows, could open the doors to a bunch of great cities.

Xi ^^^ Yea, that'd certainly be pretty cool. That's a good mix of city and nature.

Edit (again, sorry): Y'know, just had a thought: How about Honolulu and you had access to the whole island and even could Island hop. A MASSIVE world map where you could go to all the Hawaiian islands...think that'd be pretty sweet.

SexyPrawns3294d ago

Nice. Fellow Illinoisan here. Decatur though. I visit Chicago from time to time though.

I personally think Disney World would be a great place to hold Fallout.

johnnywit3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I live on Oahu and would love to see the island used in a fallout game. The city of Honolulu wouldn't be a big deal but the rest of the island could be very interesting. (Especially with all the military stuff that is here.) I would love to see what they would do with diamond head and imagine all the wasted tropical terrain you could travel. Imagine a ghoul luau or Hawaiian super mutants.

Edit: I can't believe I was sitting here trying to think of cool places and Hawaii never crossed my mind. lol.

SexyPrawns3294d ago

Hawaii never gets used in open-world games.

That needs to change!

StarScream4Ever3294d ago

Personally I want to see China's side of the story. They never explained who fired the first shot but perhaps a lil side trip to China might reveal a little light into the Fallout world.

being_in_itself3294d ago

I personally like the allure of not knowing who shot first. But yes, China would reveal much.

I think not knowing adds to the whole mythos of the Fallout story. Its the typical nuclear holocaust event - who shot first? Who cares!?

Anyone ever read the the timeline on the Fallout wiki? Good stuff in there.

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