Inside the Medal of Honor Taliban Name Change

From the feature editorial:

"So, you might’ve seen the news regarding a controversial name change in Electronic Arts’ upcoming Medal of Honor reboot, set to hit stores next week. Instead of facing off against the Taliban, based on a real terrorist group, you will instead be facing…the “Opposing Force”. Now, will this make any difference in terms of gameplay? No, we don’t really think so, as it’ll still pack enough excitement and run-and-gun action to keep fans of first-person shooters coming back for more. But, still, it’s a little worrisome when a game that is supposed to be based on a real tier of soldier – Tier 1 operatives, to be exact – and yet the enemies they face aren’t so realistically named. That’s not to say they won’t react like a real terrorist would. You’ll run into several dire situations where the “Opposing Force” rains gunfire down on you or blows up one of your transport choppers right there in front of you."

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LaurenKB1233289d ago

It would have been nice to have the option to then off the word Taliban or leave it on, even so I can understand why it offends people....

Darkstorn3289d ago

It just goes to show that political correctness exists on both sides of the aisle.

Liberals push the use of words such as 'Native American' instead of 'Indian,' and conservative political correctness holds that all of our soldiers are heroes (which is simply not true). In the case of the Medal of Honor controversy, conservative activists spoke out and had the term 'Taliban' removed from multiplayer, for better or worse.

UltimaEnder3289d ago

I agree - although I'm fine with it not being included

No Way3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

It's not a big deal that there was a name change, although,
I do think there still should have been an option, as said above.
Either way you look at games like this.. someone is gonna be offended.

So, who cares? Not me.

gamerdude1323289d ago

After reviewing the game, I'm pretty sure I never would've bought it in the first place, so what do I care. Although, they should have done what IW did with the mission in MW 2 and asked on the offset if the player wanted it or not.

facelike3289d ago

The name change is on only in the multiplayer, not the single player from what I've read. So there's no point in asking if they want them to be called the Taliban, since it's just human players playing. As long as you pick "your force" vs "opposing force", then you should be all good.

kyrosheel13289d ago

Does anyone realize that this game is bringing NOTHING new to the table... This game looks like any other shooter, and just some copy-cat shooter. I hope EA gets shot down for this embarrassment of a shooter. Just a high-budget generic shooter if you ask me.

Makes me interested in seeing what the critics will say about this game when they said Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 brought nothing new to the table. Uncharted 2 made considerable advancements in making cinematic games, and Killzone 2 introduced a proper first-person cover system and innovative online system.

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