Playdead Using Human Skull To Test Audio For Limbo Follow Up

The developers at Playdead, the team behind the hauntingly brilliant Xbox Live Arcade hit Limbo, really wanted to get their hands on a human skull, and after the surprisingly lengthy reviews process required to secure a human skull in Denmark, the devs finally got one. Why a skull, you ask? To test sound for their new game, of course.

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lochdoun2928d ago

I love this studio. Limbo is my favorite downloadable console game of all time. Happy they're already working on a follow up.
Hope this one stays Xbox exclusive too.

ShinnokDrako2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Why do you hope it stays exclusive? What changes for you? Unless you're another one of the countless trolls...
Limbo is a great game and everyone has the right to play it, according to me.

ShinnokDrako2926d ago

Great, i got a disagree for saying that everyone should play it.... bah, i hate trolls...