Halo: Reach And Medal Of Honor: Trade Bait For Call Of Duty: Black Ops? (RunDLC)

Some people hate the notion of trading games and buying used, since publishers don’t receive a dime from said transactions and engaging in such practices supports various retail giants. But let’s face it, without the used game racket, we’d never be able to afford even half of the titles that debut throughout the year, or we’d just sink into massive credit card debt. For that reason alone, we must part (sometimes prematurely) with video games we enjoy. So, on that note, we’ve been asking ourselves this question:

Will we trade Halo: Reach and Medal of Honor for Call of Duty: Black Ops?

John Artest (RunDLC)

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donniebaseball3299d ago

Not sure people would want to trade in Reach because of the online appeal. Maybe they'd trade in MoH

Buff10443299d ago

Times is tough, man.

MerkinMax3299d ago

It's just one of those games with so much to do. Forge will definitely keep it fresh. I'll just have to buy Black Ops new I guess.

PhantomT14123299d ago

I think MoH & CoD fans are quite splited. If there are those who really want both, I think they will buy them both without trading.

gcolley3299d ago

the word stays as split (one of those exceptions to the rule)

on topic, i'll be buying both, i may trade old cods for new cod though. just don't get much for them. i haven't pre-ordered cod like moh though

TheDCD3299d ago

Not sure about this...

Buff10443299d ago

You may be more sure than you think.

Fishy Fingers3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Lot of my friends are planning to trade Reach for COD. If I could find a decent trade in option for Medal of Honour, I might be tempted to pick it up just as a stop gap for the next month (I like the look of the single player).

COD will no doubt be the FPS that fills mine and the majority of my friends time for the next few months at the least, if you can get a decent trade in, might as well take it, no point owning something you wont play or go back to.

TekoIie3299d ago

HA i love this. Once America starts the "trade in" idea (officially and not on ebay) developers actually give a shit. Before here in the UK we didnt have to mess around with these online pass' and shit. But anyway back on topic, I didnt buy reach for this reason. I am getting MOH for its AAA single player experiance and Black ops for the multiplayer. There for all my needs are fufilled until christmas which will be when i get AC: Brotherhood.