Unreasonable GamerCast: Episode 14

'TheShape108, Velius and EttenCo have a heated debate about the merits of IronMan 2. After that it’s onto the bits of news as they talk about earlier FF14 Reviews, the absolute inappropriateness of Duke Nukem’s trailer, Black Ops in 3D, Microsoft hammering down on Destructoid for its Kinect Adds, the WoW movie’s status and finally the idiocy of Killzone 3’s beta.

After it’s onto What you been playin? As EttenCo has nothing, Velius covers Castlevania Lords of Shadow in depth and TheShape108 discusses F1 2010, Dead Rising 2, Deadliest Warrior the game, and Enslaved Odyssey to the West.

Finally they do the news as Medal of Honor declares war on PS3 jailbreak, SEGA starts removing its own games so everyone will stop making fun of them, PSP dev kits get pulled and the returned, WoW hits 12 million and Cliffy B want’s to kick you in the balls.

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