Private Stockholder Sells Entire Square Enix Stock,Poor FFXIV Sales Blamed

After several years of development Square Enix’s highly anticipated new mmorpg, Final Fantasy XIV, has been met with a negative reception from both gamers and the media. A recent review by GameSpot rated the PC version of the game with a 4/10 while Game Trailers gave it a 4.2/10.

Though it’s hard to find a review of FFXIV from the country, Japanese gamers have voiced their disappointment with the game on several retail websites. Now it appears that all of the negative publicity may be weighing on some Square Enix investors.

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Cloudberry3761d ago

What are you gonna do, Wada?

Shadow Flare3761d ago

They should at least port Wada

to antarctica

TheColbertinator3761d ago

@Shadowflare @Pennywise

loooool hilarious

MrMccormo3761d ago

I really hope S-E wises up and fires Wada. He is the Bobby Kotick of Japan.

UltimateIdiot9113761d ago

Except Bobby Kotick rakes in lots and lots of money for Activision.

Not that I like Kotick but he damn well know how to make money. That guy just keep dreaming up ways to empty gamer's pocket.

Wada seems to chase after leprechauns and rainbows for that fable pot of gold.

DasBunker3761d ago

yay versus multi to make for the flop thats XIV -_-.

badz1493761d ago

cancel? port? you guys do know that he's not a game, right? but I do hope he should stay exclusive to M$ for that matter!

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mirroredderorrim3761d ago

Hahaha. Wada is going to flop! Let's prepare the boot!

Gago3761d ago

it sold like 500K the first week

KillaManiac3761d ago

I bought the CE and with all this bad publicity...

I won't expect even 1/5 of total sales to stay past first month.

I am also thinking about not renewing and i've been so excited for this game. It has so many bugs and I bet SE will fix it over time, but how much time is the question.

GrilledCheeseBook3761d ago

won't matter if they don't retain subscriptions or attract more people

Redlogic3761d ago

"It should be noted that even though the brief plunge occurred during the peak of the trading session last week, Square Enix’s stock returned to stability for the rest of the day and has since crossed the 1800 mark".

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Kain813761d ago

Abandoning your core fanbase and westernization have not payed off, he Square-Enix?

jc485733761d ago

How the hell does this has anything to do with westernization? (well, it's a matter of time.)

We're talking about FF14 idiot!

Panthers3761d ago

No need to personally attack him. And SE should stick to what its fans love. There are a lot of people in the US that love Japanese games and we dont want our favorite franchises westernized.

Now I honestly dont know much about FF14 and I was willing to give it a look, but not now with all the negative publicity.

Myst3761d ago

So what did we give Jc disagrees for what he said is right on the mark. He covered his basis on the first sentence and the second makes sense, what Kain said gave almost no indication of what he was talking about.

If he means westernization in the terms of the cool down [only so many hours between jobs] then that misses the mark as it isn't westernized. Lack of Auction House? Isn't westernized but an oversight. I guess I could sit here and try to piece together what your reply means in terms of FFXIV's case, but I frankly should not have to.

FFXIV is like FFXI - Some like it some don't and with FFXIV at the time it's between the fanbase of FFXI and the rest of the world - some like it some don't. If you are talking about the fanbase of FFXI then I can see where you are going, but quite a few things [such as Auction House] were stated before launch as being added in later [prior to launch].

So next time Kain list some reasons - then again this is the comment section so if one is to assume the natural flow [whether it be love or hate] it will be deemed worthy amongst the community :p.

number473761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Hes talking about abandoning The Playstation for a quick buck with microsoft, which has resulted in nothing but sub par products, and resources mis-management that could have otherwise been used to develop good products. Like the one here. Products that reflect the titles Sony's first party/third party developers create, when given the freedom to. Compared to who "SQUARE" was, they are hardly the bar setters of this generation. But its due to the hardware & timetables they were working with. Sure, they aren't what they used to be, but this gen they are a laughing stock, and people are just remembering them for what they were, not for what they are today. Which is why there is hope for versus, but if that goes multiplat as well. Welp, it was nice knowing them.

Westernizing may be a stretch, but dumbing down wouldn't be too far off the point. Square invested a lot into Multiplatform and Microsoft. They sacrificed quality & their reputation for early money, but couldn't sustain the audience that they thought they could capture. The results speak for themselves. I for one didn't buy many square products due to the watering down of them. Its clear I'm not alone.

Way to prattle on about how thoroughly you missed the point.

Myst3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

What does it have to do with Final Fantasy XIV itself though? The core matter here is about Final Fantasy XIV, if it was about Square-Enix in general I could see that. Though since it says explicitly that FFXIV is to blame I would take it that because of FFXIV shareholders sold their stock, not because of current generation products aside from FFXIV.

As an added point to yours Even as we sit and type almost none of us know if the game is coming to Microsoft so can we really put blame for them in this one? Though their has been speculation on it and articles, nothing has been solid in saying "It's coming to 360.

Though I really agree with you in saying the game is dumbed down, it's certainly far easier than the current model of FFXI. At least from what I've heard, but at the same time without an instruction manual [in-game] of how things work it certainly brings the difficulty back up a bit.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is, why are we all talking about other square products when FFXIV is the one on the line. The one that is being exclusively blamed. Though I can see the connection that everyone is making.

[edit to your edit]
Actually re-read the article and you will see, states nothing about the time in which FFXIII came out did shareholders sell their stocks, nor when other changes were made. It was mainly FFXIV as stated in my earlier paragraph. You guys seem to be laying blame on other things when the blame should be placed on FFXIV.

Why wouldn't they go for Microsoft at the time [when the current generation began]? Many of the early games were on 360 because how big was the install bases for the PS3? The price was extremely high and the 360 was already establishing it's attachment rate. Now that the PS3 has a bigger one Square [ as well as other developers] are looking into the system more.

lexington3761d ago

I don't blame this guy for sell stock in a company that leads it development on the LAST place console. I mean talk about idiotic.

THE MAX SPEED 213761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

I still lol at the people who actually still try to blame microsoft for square's shitty games. I guess it's microsof fault Final fantasy 12 on ps2 was bad and featured a flawed battle system. It's probably microsoft fault that Square enix arent good at making MMO's hence the bad scores FINAL FANTASY XI which was ALSO available on PS2 received. it's probably microsoft fault aswell square enix are putting a hundread of games with no originality on the market year after year. these guys over here are fanboys and they'll blame microsoft for anything bad that happends in the gaming industry. Disagreeing wont change nothing you people's logic is flawed and biased.

maniacmayhem3761d ago

You're argueing with a brick wall. The fanboys here believe that FF started on the Playstation and should only remain on the Playstation.

They also believe that MS had a dirty underhanded plan to personally ruin Square by making FF multi.

They believe that by FF being multi it magically made the game gimped and sub par. That is why FFXIV had poor sales because MS had something to do with it...even tho it's for PS3 and PC.

Poor fanboys :(

voodoopickle3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

But it is Squares fault for trying to get the quick $ by making subpar games. they have been for a little while now, mainly since the Square-Enix merger. They spend way too much time on the visuals now and not enough on the gameplay. they keep changing the level system to be "innovative", when it was never broken. nothing they make now comes close to the gameplay or storyline of FFI-FFIX. and no, FF started on the original NES. Not the playstation
And I am a playstation fanboy stating this

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Light Yagami3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Last I heard, FFXIII sold more than 5 million and outsold FFXII already. SE are not abandoning the fanbase. they are expanding it.

Stealth20k3761d ago

Expanding it and making there console games worse

bustamove3761d ago

They're not expanding anything. They're making stupid decisions.

UltimateIdiot9113761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )


No point in expanding if that is quick to fall apart.

It's how many great empires have fallen, they grow too far and too wide and away from what is important. In this case, it's the fan, those who will always be loyal and will replenish SE's bank account.

The audience SE tried to capture truly had no strong interest in SE's product, and are less likely to return for more in the future like casual gamers. Now, you have a subpar product and after many lies and half ass products, fans no longer are willing to spend that $60 on SE the next time they have a choice between something from let say Level 5 and SE. If you have ever study business, heck even in social life, you realize the importance of trust and reputation. It might not be a tangible asset but by no means it's a powerful factor in making or breaking a company.

This is what it means to be short sighted. You lose sight of the what is important to make quick gains that may not return on long term investment.

3761d ago
Homicide3761d ago

You guys are upset SE aren't making PS3 exclusives besides Versus XIII.

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The Meerkat3761d ago

Its such a shame that SE bought Eidos.

SE should be on trial for crimes against gaming.

jc485733761d ago

How the hell does Eidos have anything to do with this? (Well, it's a matter of time)

We are talking about FF14!

The Meerkat3761d ago

Because SE will ruin Eidos too.

raztad3761d ago

Eidos wasnt doing very hot either.

Lovable3761d ago

"Eidos wasnt doing very hot either."

Lol. That's true.

jetlian3761d ago

did ok since this gen started. Tomb raider games have been playable. I have all 3 released this gen. Underworld sold over 2 million too

DOMination3760d ago

Just Cause 2 was great and Deus Ex looks like it's a contender for goty 2011.

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rebirthofcaos3761d ago

As kratos said in god of war 1: Destroy this village, burn it to the ground.

wissam3761d ago

LOL. destroy SE burn it to the ground.

jc485733761d ago

Can't you just call it FFonline instead of FF14? You are really screwing up the series fool.

Myst3761d ago

Nope since it still has the story of an Final Fantasy [Yes FFXI actually does have a story for each nation which is interesting.] and draws from a series of other Final Fantasies [ FFXI had jobs of previous FF games such as White Mage, Black Mage and the rest. Not to mention Chocobos and ships as well as various monsters]

So while it may not perhaps BE an Final Fantasy like the previous iterations it still holds many Final Fantasy qualities and content that can deem it with the name of Final Fantasy. Now whether or not it is good enough to hold such a title is entirely subjective.