The 10 Worst Things About This Generation

NowGamer runs down the ten worst things of this generation - "You know these poor excuses for human beings; you’ve felt the brunt of their hounding, cheating, trash-talking ways. The continuing rise of online gaming, together with the curtain of anonymity that comes by hiding behind a Gamertag has given rise a new, super-breed of griefers. These people suck all of the fun out of games, making online communities decidedly retched places to experience, particularly the Modern Warfare 2 community which, if it were a small nation, we would happily dispose of with a well-placed nuke. "

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ndibu2929d ago

So achievements are bad but their cheap knock offs don't get a mention? Or is it pretty much like saying Coke is bad for you but there's no need to mention pepsi because who drinks pepsi anyway right? Cool. Back to ye ol bridge for the night. A good day's work well done

shazui1232929d ago

1. Fanboys like you ndibu ;)

seriously though the RROD is still a big problem for MS, can't ignore those industry shaming failure rates :/ Glad mine hasn't crapped out just yet :D

fastrez2929d ago

Couldn't agree more on RROD. Let's hope the next gen has less teething problems.

zootang2929d ago

Biggest problem this gen? Using last gens optical storage device!

wat6342929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I agree with many of these, especially the big updates.

But boy that thumbnail sure sparks the heat, lol.

RankFTW2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

1. x
2. b
3. o
4. x
5. 3
6. 6
7. 0
8. p
9. f

Bloodlyte2929d ago

When I read the title, the first thing that came to my mind was FANBOYS!!! Those idiots support the companies like it was build up by there daddies.

Troll_Police2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

11. Multi-platform game graphics comparisons(only fanboys care)
12. NPDs posted on all gaming sites monthly(only fanboys care)
13. One company paying big money to keep games and DLC off the other console for short periods of time
14. Obsession with shooters
15. Gamestop employees trying to talk me out of buying the PS3 version of a multi-plat game(only fanboys care)

Pennywise2929d ago

I make them look so damn stupid when they try to do #15 to me.

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