PS3's Move 'Off to a Good Start,' says Analyst

Both Sony and Microsoft are vying for a piece of the motion controls market this holiday season. The PlayStation Move has been out for several weeks already, and Microsoft Kinect motion camera is fast approaching. According to a new survey of U.S. consumers by Lazard Capital Markets, interest in both motion devices is actually high.

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Buff10443294d ago

Good...I will jump on board soon.

Lekumkee3294d ago

If you do buy RUSE, it's is without a doubt the best way the play RTS on consoles. I use to love playing RTS when I was mainly a PC gamer and that genre I missed the most switching mainly over to consoles. But, since i bought the MOVE I'm hook on RTS games again and I hope they will be future RTS games to PS3 mainly Civilization 5.

360RRODFIX3294d ago

civ 5 is not RTS...i...t

Lekumkee3294d ago

No it's not RTS per-se but it has RTS type controls that would be easier with the MOVE.

raztad3294d ago

I'm definitely picking RUSE. I liked the demo using MOVE, very intuitive. BTW, could anyone elaborate why CiV5 is not a RTS?

Lekumkee3294d ago


Civ5 is more turn base strategy, but the controls are exactly like RTS meaning you point at a unit and you tell it what to do and where to go. Unlike a RTS where all commands are done in real time.

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sack_boi3294d ago

Now you guys care about sales (it's not even doing that well)?

Lekumkee3294d ago

WTF are you talking about? The article is about interest in motion controls. Jeez paranoid much?! Not every article is about PS3 vs Xbox. Go back to your cave.

8-bit3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I hope Move sells well so that it will be supported by devs and the community. I don't hope things sell well just to use it in a fanboy argument as if proves a "win". Fanboys of the box tend to use sales as a crutch in any argument.

visualb3294d ago

it an article on sales, what did you expect people to comment on?

and why are you here? to comment on people commenting on sales?

commodore643293d ago

The people that are commenting negatively about other people's comments about sales in a story about sales are merely showing how fragile their egos really are.

Welcome to planet SDF.

DaTruth3293d ago

Speaking of fragile egos!

The people that are commenting negatively about the people who are commenting negatively about other people's comments about sales in a story about sales are merely showing how fragile their egos really are.

Welcome to planet fanboy!

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donniebaseball3294d ago

Move actually can be a lot of fun. Sony needs to market it better though

Kurisu3294d ago

I see adverts all the time for it on various channels here in the UK! So I think the marketing going pretty well :)

facelike3294d ago

I see ads for Move on ESPN in the States all the time.

blackburn53294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

People always forget to factor in that Move hasn't come out in Japan yet. That will definitely even the odds. But seriously 3-4 million Kinect by year's end based on easily cancelled preorders. That is just not happening. @ Kurisu the Move just came out a short time ago. Move's line up extends into next year. Be patient.

360RRODFIX3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

yeah since Japan is biggest and most important market of them all.

EDIT:Why disagrees? Who doesn't agree that Japan is important gaming market?

SexyPrawns3294d ago

Because Pokemon Black & White is ONLY out in Japan, and it outside Halo: Reach worldwide in its first week...

Japan CAN be a massive market.

SprSynJn3293d ago

I don't think it will sell as well here as it will overseas. The Japanese are more interested in portable gaming machines than anything else. While the Wii is popular, the PS3 has been outselling it for a while, so I doubt the Move will have much of an impact. What I am trying to say is that the PS3 gamers are the people who probably do not care about motion control.

Kurisu3294d ago

I love Move, but I'd like to see more compatible games! :)

Shadow Flare3294d ago

I'd like to see more online move games. Namely a patch for sports champions for online multiplayer

Kurisu3294d ago

Online for Sports Champions would be pretty epic!

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