Rockstar San Diego Studios "working their socks off" on a mindblowing new project

"Rockstar San Diego Studios should never be seen as "second fiddle" to the mighty developer's UK-based offshoots. After all, they've some up with some sublime chunks of gaming in the last few years. Midnight Club: Los Angeles pretty much knocked Need for Speed into a cocked hat, showing exactly how a street racing game should be done. And lest we forget 2010's potential game of the year, Red Dead Redemption, still winning us over with its quality (but slightly bizarre) DLC furthering John Marston's adventures in the wild wild west."

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Hellsvacancy3294d ago

"According to an interesting rumour that's reached our ears (eyes)" who? no source? me not believe

coolstuff3294d ago

aka "we want hits for our site"

AngryFork3294d ago

Something tells me it's going to be a game that's hyped to hell and back and when it comes out everyone di** rides it and it gets amazing AAA reviews then a month later everyone realizes how boring and empty it was.

Lifendz3294d ago

LA Noir, Agent, GT5 and whatever this project is. RDR confirmed it. R* gets my money prior to reading one review.

Quagmire3294d ago

Hoe they make another Midnight club

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gamerdude1323294d ago

I notice they left out one series that I think they're working on a sequel for. Bully 2, perhaps? PLEASE GOD! BE BULLY 2!

JonDiskonected3294d ago

wasnt bully made by rockstar vancouver? which is now working on max payne 3?

LoaMcLoa3294d ago

Seriously, they need to work on something really original

Kakihara3294d ago

That's true. At the very least it needs to not be a game in which you travel to the little letter on your map, watch a cutscene then go somewhere, press the cover button, press the auto aim button, press the shoot button and repeat.

Rockstar's environments, characters, scripts and overall craft are some of the best you'll find in games but they seriously need to break out of this old fashioned gameplay rut they've been stuck in for years.

NewsForMe3294d ago

How about a first person open-world crime game? Too bad people have a fetish for looking at the protagonist's ass.

dragonelite3294d ago

Would give them AAA rating for making a asian mythology 3rd person view open world game. Aka im just loosing patience for bioware to finally release a jade empire2.

Troll_Police3294d ago

Just give me Agent news please.

dragonelite3294d ago

Agent is multiplat
Best on 360 like Red dead redemption.

talltony3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

agent will be ps3 exclusive.
Rockstar reiterrated this last year.

Nodoze3294d ago

If they were to actually spend time creating proper DLC for RDR they would be much better off. As it stands the DLC is crap.

They really need a new single player story focus like in GTA IV. I could give a flying F about the multi player crap they are doing. The undead in this game is just stupid.

Give me a Marsden back story during his gang running days with Dutch and the crew and I will buy it day one!! .

jarrod19813294d ago

i agree marston was awesome. hated that he died and i had to play as jake. just not the same. probably the voice.

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The story is too old to be commented.