Your Shape: Fitness Evolved features the hardest achievement ever seen in a 360 game

AATG writes:

"Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is an upcoming "fit" game for the Xbox 360. Normally not the console you'd associate with lycra-clad lovelies wiggling their perfectly toned bits in front of the telly in order to stave off years of support pants and cellulite."

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PRHB HYBRiiD3669d ago

your shape p90x dlc coming soon

Chubear3668d ago

This is SO HARDCORE!!!!!!!! .... lol

HairyArse3669d ago

Ha, can you imagine? That would be intense.

Christopher3668d ago

I'd buy it if it did come. Love the p90x program.

As far as the article, this is far from the hardest achievement. It just takes a long time. Personally, 180 calories burned in a session is not enough. I tend to burn at least 300 calories with each workout.

jerethdagryphon3669d ago

the fitness challenges in both systems are rediculas

get fit with mell b for instance has burn off a large pepperoni which works out at 4k

but these are not do it in one setting challenges but acumulitive

swift_monkee3669d ago

that would just be completely unhealthy and defeat the purpose of a fitnees games. they say it takes around 3500 calories to gain a pound so you would have to lose close to 3 pounds in one sitting.

Spydr073668d ago

Um, that's closer to what you need to burn to lose a pound of body fat. You have to eat around 4,500 Calories to gain a pound.

FYI, this is because once the fat is stored as body fat a percentage of that weight is water.

I have no idea where you took math at, but if you're trying to burn off one large pepperoni at 4,000 Calories, that would be just over one pound.

visualb3668d ago

just do some real fitness. go job outside, do some push ups and sit ups, lift some weights.

why the hell do you need t do it infront of a screen at home, so sad

Rainstorm813668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Yea its not like people ever work out at home in front of a tv........Oh Wait!

People have been using fitness dvd's tapes and shows for ages from Tae-Bo to Richard Simmons ... motion gaming has just introduced fitness via a new another medium...... Gaming

Cherchez La Ghost3668d ago


I was about to say the same thing. People here are just flaming just becase it's Kinect. I would not be surprised if Move will advertise exersise game soon if this will sell for Kinect.

Watch some talk show on TV will be using this game soon. I just see it. God forbid it'll be on Opra.

DeFFeR3669d ago

20 hours?

How is that "the toughest achievement ever"?

For people who are fit, and who work out - this is nothing... 2, 3 weeks?

I spent more time trying to do Mass Effect/Dragon Age/FFXIII/Oblivion runs for less than 50 GS.

princejb1343669d ago

this is a excellent achievement
especially for achievement whores
alot of achievement whores is problably lazy and spend hours just gathering them sitting down
microsoft should add more achievements like these to get them of their seat and working out

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