Analysts Surprised By July's 360 Success, Wii Not A 'Fad'

Analysts remark on 360's latest achievement after outselling the PS3. One such analyst, Michael Pachter, goes even further to suggest 360's dominance through 07.

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WilliamRLBaker4076d ago

this is simple fact, beyond this xmas? if ps3 gets its act together then maybe, but we'll just have to see.

djt234076d ago

this is good it all going to my plan
williamRLBaker stop saying beyond

beyond ....

WilliamRLBaker4076d ago

thats what the cows say all the time, BEYOND or whatever the monkier for ps3 is stuff

Beyond xmas we have no idea how ps3 will do, right now its not doing good, and 360 and Wii are doing good, Beyond xmas who knows.

larry0074076d ago

Just like VGCHARTS NPD estimates sales data rather than tracking actual sales.

who knows MS might have paid NPD to release doctored figs.

NPD is not among the top 10 institutions dedicated to tracking sales data

However ps3 beats x360 in worldwide sales in JULY by 130 000 units

so ps3 is the winner in whatever way u look at it

DrPirate4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )




You're paranoid. And you're insane.

As a PS3 fan, i'll say something bad about Sony to prove my neutrality and objective reasoning.

Who's the idiot who said "We shouldn't package a bluetooth headset into the box/release an official headset so people don't have to second guess what works and what doesn't when they go buy a completely unsupported third party bluetooth microphone...

You are officially the first PS3 fanboy/MS troll I ignore. I usually laugh at some of the idiotic things you people say but this one just makes me feel embarrassed...

mboojigga4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Your a fuc*ing idiot.

If the numbers were different and PS3 sold more you wouldn't have claimed a pay off or anything related to how you made this post. Some of you need to grow the fu*k up taking this sh*t personal. Please do not admit if you are a grown man. I can forgive you if you are a kid that hasn't reached puberty

sanderFVCKINcohen4075d ago

I had this looser on my ignore list, but I just had to press the show button just to see what he had to say, and he did it again...

ShiftyLookingCow4076d ago

I am so tired of hearing Patcher, how about turning him into a frog so that he can only croak and eat flies

Anything but Cute4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Of course it's a win for XBOX 360. I think the question is how close can PS3 hang in this year.

I for one think GRAW 2 is the same or maybe even better on PS3. Now all they need to do is cut the development time and start releasing simultanous multi platform games that look better on PS3, and I think the momentum might start to change a little bit.

larry0074076d ago

followed by HS and LAIR

PS3 just like JULY will win the WORLDWIDE MONTHLY sales of AUGUST.

DONT FORGET ps3 has beaten x360 in JULY in terms of worldwide sales by 130 000 units

in JAPAN ps3 went on to beat x360 by 67 000 units
in EU ps3 went on to beat x360 by 80 000 units.

in USA ps3 was beaten by 11000 units
in CANADA ps3 has beaten x360 by 2000 units

winner in JULY (based on combined GLOBAL sales)

ps3 by 130 000 units


DrRage774076d ago

ok, so if ps3 beat the 360 in july by 130,000 units worldwide,AFTER the ps3 pricecut, and BEFORE the 360 pricecut, do you really have ANY confidence that the ps3 is going to outsell the 360 in august??? think about it logically....seriously......

sanderFVCKINcohen4075d ago

on the real, I feel sorry for you larry007 or nasim...

i Shank u4075d ago

hey larry007/nasim/whatever-the-fv ck-other-names-you'll-make-up, why cant you just stop with the bullsh!t all the time and actually have a normal, back and forth conversation on here? you act like this is your soapbox and you're oprah, telling everyone whats up. stop being a douche/oprah/giant douche/troll, or go to one bubble and your comments dont show up. you decide

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