GameZone - Comic Jumper: the Adventures of Captain Smiley review

Raychul writes, "Twisted Pixel quickly jumped to the top of a lot of gamers favorite indie developers list with such awesome titles as The Maw and ‘Slosion Man. Unfortunately, Comic Jumper did not deliver the same excitement and entertainment that we had come to except from Twisted Pixel. Comic Jumper still came dripping with personality and humor, but it was in the repetitive gameplay and occasionally unresponsive controls that made the game present itself as cheap and unpolished."

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TheDCD2981d ago

Disagree. This game was a lot of fun for me.

TheSanchezDavid2981d ago

The game has a great look. It's just a shame it was a total letdown. Wasted potential.

athmaus2981d ago

Hmmm i thought this game was atually really good :