Medal of Honor - Final Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature review:

"Ever since EA announced it was rebooting it's Medal of Honor franchise and setting it in modern day Afghanistan, I have been excited. It takes a serious effort to pull off the feat of depicting a very real war at a time when that war is still current; soldiers are still out there doing things being portrayed in this game. Turn-on CNN or Fox News for 10 minutes and see if they don't bring it up. EA tasked its LA studio, turned Danger Close with creating the single player portion of the game, and Swedish Battlefield developer DICE with crafting the multiplayer side. The result is essentially two games that do not feel connected to the other. Unlike other modern war shooters where the single player doesn’t stray far from the multiplayer, Medal of Honor feels like two different games in one package."

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UltimaEnder3289d ago

I'm kinda excited to play this, more so for Black Ops - especially now.....

BubbleSystemSuck3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

im excited to play both...

darkcharizard3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

How come u just have one? LOL!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

"soldiers are still out there doing things being portrayed in this game."

I don't even want to read the rest after spotting this little gem right here. Did a twelve year old write this crap but cause it sure looks like it.

inveni03289d ago

This is still under embargo. I won't believe any reviews until embargo lifts (though I seriously doubt we'll see this game get higher than 8.5 from anyone).

HolyOrangeCows3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Thanks for your invalid input, planetXbox360. We've already seen your ridiculous fanboy articles and it's obvious what you're doing here.
1) A half-truth at best
2) Nothing to do with your gaming experience
3) Oh noes! We lost a nongaming hoo hoo
4) Actually a great argument AGAINST your's
5) Oh noes! No half-baked BC software or a more expensive model with hardware BC (Which we would use to replace our complaint with 'price')

The Ps3 version tops the 360 version and.....hmm, what a coincidence! One of the lowest scores you've given a big time multiplat in ages, amongst all of the easy high scores you give to every functional game.

Transparent, PlanetFanboy360. Transparent.

internalbit3289d ago

What do you expect from the cartel that's bobby kodi(k, activation, Microsoft, delusion fanbase and their advertising agencies like this and many others like IGN, 1up, etc. etc

badz1493289d ago

and we know how much crap MW2 was and not to mention the glitches and everything! it's safe to say that this review is written by a NOOB!

Soldierone3288d ago

I agree with above, its still under embargo until this afternoon. Only the bigger named sites have had this game longer than a few days. There is no way you can get a full impression on this game by just playing it for a few hours. My first thought was meh 7.7 too, after you beat the first level and jump online for a bit its definetly an 8.5

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frankymv3289d ago

planet xbox is owned by Activision and Bobby Kotick.

BloodyNapkin3289d ago


First off they are being very generous giving it a 7.7 IMO, considering the beta was absolute trash in all aspects. And secondly if you are going to post your biased opinion as fact then provide proof of what you say.

frankymv3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )


Should I call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambul ance?


He is whining like a little girl. I'll call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance for you too.

Str8laced3289d ago

I normally don't post, but what does your last comment have to do with the reply he had to you. That has to be the dumbest reply i have ever read on here.

2Spock3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

How is that whining? If you think that is whining then you have serious issue my friend. He gave his opinion on the beta, and told you to back your so called facts up with proof. And call that whining, OMG people are f#$king $$#@%$%$.

ndibu3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Let some truth relieve you. Sony, contrary to n4g belief and religion, is NOT a god. Sony is an entity, not a deity, I know you think i'm spewing blasphemy but its true friend, that Ps3 you got there is not to be worshipped and no matter how much you protest on its behalf, you will NEVER bear its children for your loyalty.
The truth has set you free now, go and spread the word

BloodyNapkin3289d ago


"Should I call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambul ance? "

Why are you getting ready to cry?

murcielago43289d ago


you have the right to be bitch slap for being a COD fanboy & a stupid gamer. go play the full game 1st than come an talk all the shit you want about it.

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tacosRcool3289d ago

This is just a stupid review. So much good things said about this and look at the score. I smell Call of Duty fanyboy...

hiredhelp3289d ago

im with you there. whats the bet black op's gets a 9/10

for a lower rate multiplayer graphics to mw2. and over hyped silly perks.

id give this game as i have played the early beta on ps3. and the late beta for 3 day trial on pc. a decent 8/10 for the demo.
because the changes they made the revamp.
the things i liked that cod never gave me. on the last beta i played.

ACCURATE (This i was blown away by. heres me on top of a snowy ridge. with a stock barel rifle. were i could aim down my point end my barrel witch doesnt do much use in other games. only ti find when inline with a person behind a rock 300ft or more across the other side from you also ontop a snowy ridge. waiting for his head to pop up i tok that quick breif one click shot instead of a semi burst. and i got a point ACCURATE' right there. something now even bad company gave me that well.
when the full game gets realesed this will be a very good game.

frostypants3289d ago

Even though it's consistent with everything the beta testers said...

Face it. It's an average game.

Scary693289d ago

I for one have never heard of this site, so right now this is NOT a reliable review for me. I will wait for a better review and I am still getting this game tonight.

tacosRcool3289d ago

Black ops will most likely get a 10/10 which is sad. I'll get that later on eventually but MoH has so much more potential since being partly developed by Dice. No body makes bigger, badder, cooler FPS games than Dice.

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alien6263289d ago

@darkcharizard actually i been playing it since morning i actually love this medal honor havent tried the online but from the beta i wasnt impress much...if i could give this a rating for just the single player ill give it a 8.5 mayb more when i finish but online ill have to check out when iam done single player

vhero3288d ago

MS have an exclusive deal with Activision and 360 owners feel screwed by EA on the flip side with the extra content for PS3 MOH. So will I take the judgement score of a 360 for MOH? HELL NO! Not that reviews have much salt anymore I prefer an unbiased site not a 360 exclusive site.

vhero3288d ago

Yep these games have no embargo means they have probably played a pirated edition anyways as its not a review copy as there is no embargo..

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BubbleSystemSuck3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

why 7.7?
why not 7.5,or 75/100...

or 8.
I smell Hits

Score: 7,64347

UltimaEnder3289d ago

I think the scoring system is a 100 point scale, so 7.7 is just what the site uses for reviews, could have been a 7.5 just as easy....

BubbleSystemSuck3289d ago

and how you calculate 2 points? or 0,2 points?
you can give an 7,5, when is not a 7, but is not an solid 8

STK0263289d ago

And you can give a X.7 if you think it's closer to a 8 than it is to a 7. Giving it a 7.5 would mean it's pretty much halfway between the 7 and the 8, but sometimes, you want to say it's just a tad more than halfway, but still don't want to say it's a solid 8.

Red_Orange_Juice3289d ago

let's go back to 0-10 scale, with no .5's and .1's

LaurenKB1233289d ago

Dang I was hoping for better!

40cal3289d ago

This is about what I expected though.

Shackdaddy8363289d ago

No, its not. I honestly dont care cus the SP is the main reason why Im getting this and they said it was good.

I also noticed the other review said the exact opposite of the guys so Im guessing its just if the reviewer like SP or MP the most. Which is kinda lame....

PS360fanboy3289d ago

Was expecting a bit more...let's hope they release a demo for it.

KillerPwned3289d ago

Next week i believe a demo will be out on the PSN/XBLA

plb3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Played the PC Beta last week. If you played Bad Company 2, it has more or less the same feel minus the destructibility and such. I expect a similar score, somewhere around an 8-8.5

KillerPwned3289d ago

That is how i feel about the game more or less around the same feel of BFBC2. Either way i am excited for this game. Cant wait to get it tomorrow.

FwanK3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Meh...dal of Honor

BubbleSystemSuck3289d ago

meh of comment... and give meh 1 bubble for trolling