EA Bringing Tons Of Games To Windows Phone 7

Live from the Windows Phone 7 event, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore announced something big "We are proud to say today that we will have EA as one of our gaming partners!"

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Christopher3523d ago

Meh. There are at least 3 EA SIMS games alone on the iPhone and tons of other games from EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and more. This really just isn't big news considering these guys are putting their games on every platform out there.

Software_Lover3523d ago

Its like the iphone has stunted their other contracts. Im really thinking about switching to another carrier. I've wanted an android phone for the longest and we get crap, Im not gonna be left out on the windows phone 7. Im gonna wait and see what happens here in the next 2 months.

They shouldn't let apple dictate their other business aspects like that. But Im sure the iphone is raking in for them as well.

kissmeimgreek3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

AT&T has tons of WP7 phones coming out and have even (in a really gay way) gotten exclusive apps. But AT&T sucks imo so im gonna wait till verizon gets it to make the switch.


ohh yah agreed and theyve put restrictions on the ones they have... Im currently rockin a Droid Incredible and am in LOVE witht their commitment (except for the bing search forced on some devices).

Software_Lover3523d ago

Only recently with the Samsung Captivate did it look like At&t were trying to get into the android market. Microsoft has come out and said that AT&T will be their premiere partner, but the phones will do the talking for me.

Stealth20k3523d ago

wowee sims 3 with no controls what a game.

etownone3523d ago

yeah ok, you got that.

but if your a "gamer", put your fanboyism aside, and realize that a phone with Xbox LIVE is a good thing. I expect some quality games to come out in time.

I mean, its not like its in direct competition with PSP .. more like iPhone and Android.

Software_Lover3523d ago

Bing maps version of crackdown was shown as well as other games. The platform will see some great things in the future.

Stealth20k3523d ago

smartphones compete with smart phones in smart phoning and absolutely horrendus games.

Dedicated handheld helds compete with great games.

kissmeimgreek3523d ago

i mean its the same version that was on iphone. So it works. quit being a baby and either dont buy it or buy it.

tatsukishi3523d ago

EA has a ton of games in their lineup... mostly clones and sports games... I don't think I have bought and EA game in years. Either way I do not plan to buy this phone console thing I will stick to handheld devices designed solely for gaming.