Windows Phone 7 games portfolio to be 'bigger than Xbox 360'

Tech Radar: Microsoft has told TechRadar that it is aiming to offer more games with Windows Phone 7 at launch than it did on the Xbox 360.

Kevin Unangst, senior global director for Games for Windows, told us that the kinds of games that have been wildly successful will make up the core of the Xbox experience on Windows Phone 7 handsets:

"We're going to have a launch portfolio of games that's bigger than the one we had with the Xbox 360.

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TotalPS3Fanboy3290d ago

quality doesn't matter. It's all quantity.

ABizzel13290d ago

I don't know who disagreed with TotalPS3Fanboy, he's telling nothing but the truth.

MS feel the more they have the better, and they'll eventually have some quality title since they'll have so many.

The way this is going to happen is by, making the majority of the XBLA stuff compatible with the phones, and then having ports of all the phones games currently available part of their library which means get ready for a ton of crap with a couple of quality games.

coolbeans3290d ago

to see you're actually getting agrees. To think any company doesn't care about quality is just foolish at best.

Rush3289d ago

O yeah because there's plenty of more quality games out there on the Iphone and Android phones compared to stuff like Halo tards.

gamingdroid3289d ago

I think that since it is now tied to PC, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 in all one development kit you will see a lot of quality going forward. Whatever you see on Xbox Live Arcade is likely to migrate to Windows Phone 7.

MaxXAttaxX3289d ago

Microsoft needs to pump out more good quality games. Halo ain't gonna hold their hands forever.

shoddy3289d ago

Some people prais 3ds as graphic king. The damn screen is so small.

These games are cheap to make.
Look at street fighter 4 on iPhone. The quality get really set back compare to console.

Strikepackage Bravo3289d ago

nathan, did you just claim the 360s game library is small? Are you on heroin? Seriously did you even think about that before you wrote it, because I know at least one console that 360 has more games than, its big black and looks like a grill.

Do some research before you make foolish comments.

Rush3289d ago

I thought that would be Sony that needs to pump out more good games considering there still in last place?

Since your starting an argument completely unrelated to mobile games, and retards happen to think mobiles games are somehow on the same level of quality as console games.

barom3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I think WP7 will have the same issue Android and iPhone games have, the touch screen interface. Seems like so few games is able to adapt to it.

MaxXAttaxX3283d ago

I was obviously referring to Microsoft first-party games!

Unless you were living under a rock you'd have figured out that Sony has been putting out more(and more varied) first-party and exclusive games.

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VINNIEPAZ3289d ago

And yet another MS/Xbox topic full of the Sony Elite spewing the top quality filth we come to expect from N4PS3G.

Keep up the good work guys, Sony loves you.

shoddy3289d ago

I say the game won't be hardcore enough.
It'll be like iPhone games. My opinion.
Psp games are real hardcore portable games. Soon to be 3ds.

I'm a hardcore gamer.

3289d ago
PS360fanboy3289d ago

Yup, failing to realize that +95% of both console's catalogue is basically the same...they think the other 5% makes that much of a difference in terms of quality...

Babypuncher3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

@ tysonlegend:

"oh i have a buetooth/pc/buray pwayer my wittle pstee console is betta than micosoft"

you really are tyson aren't you? you sound just like him!! c'mon admit it!

OT: this is why i think windows 7 mobile won't be as successful as Microsoft hopes:

fuckoffodion3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

VINNIEPAZ whining again. Go figure.

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tinybigman3289d ago

i can't take gaming on a phone seriously. it will never be as engrossing as gaming on a console whether it be main or handheld.

T3MPL3TON 3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I have this odd feeling about the Win Phone 7.. I have a feeling it's gonna be big. It has some sort of ridiculous buzz and it's mostly over the games. To think.. M$ could have just went full on hand held and possibly generated the same buzz. Win Phone 7 vs DS vs PSP could be interesting. PREPARE FOR AWESOME GAMES!!!

VINNIEPAZ3289d ago


Now thats what I'm talking about! Lets do some gaming!!!!!

Shackdaddy8363289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Looks like I wont be going with Microsoft for my gaming needs anytime soon :)

Phones are meant for calling. Look it up in the dictionary.

Weaksauce11383289d ago

And computers are meant for compiling data, not being an ass hat on the Internet. Look it up in the dictionary

OneSneakyMofo3289d ago

How can a computer be an ass hat? :z

shoddy3289d ago

It's a tool.

If you think the Move is a dildo and stick it up your ass then it can be a dildo.

cmacdonald3289d ago

I though MS doesn't like to develop games anymore.

Malice-Flare3289d ago

there's a Halo for this too?

shoddy3289d ago

"wildly successful"

There will be Gear and MW.

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