Arcania: Gothic 4 - First Xbox 360 Review

Videogameszone reviewed the Xbox 360 version of Arcania: Gothic 4:

- the battles
- the main quest

- the story
- the graphics

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Johandevries3294d ago

''In the menus you have get the feeling that the console version has been neglected.''


Poor console players

Sexius Maximus3294d ago

I agree about the menus, among other things. I played the demo. I REALLY wanted to like it, but it would have to be $30 or less for me to even consider it. I graphics aren't terrible, but the mechanics need a lot of work.

kancerkid3294d ago

I actually enjoyed the menus. Not too different from that of Oblivion.

bumnut3294d ago

good, its about time consoles got a dumbed down pc port instead of the opposite

maniac763294d ago

i seen pc footage of last one,i bet they dont use the ps3 as well and make it look xbox compat


bragging about beeing first with a review only means you have rushed through a game... not a good thing

Lacky3294d ago

videogameszone is a popular german magazine.. and since the game is from germany they probably had weeks to play it..

ASSASSYN 36o3294d ago

The demo was a buggy mess. I can't imagine what the full game is like. And who cares about this game with Fallout Vegas dropping next week with a midnight launch.

Elven63294d ago

Those who want a deeper/different experience might not want Fallout: NV? Or if they like RPG's, they can buy both?

ASSASSYN 36o3294d ago

It probably is a good rpg. But, fallout had me accumulate 500+ hours of gameplay. And I am sure Vegas will do they same. This game however wouldn't come close. Just because you like RPGs doesn't mean you should buy crap.

SuperSaiyan43294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

It was way better than two worlds and the demo lasted for ages, also the visuals were acceptable, minor issue with voice versus subtitle info but thats minor.

Overall I will be getting this game.

Fallout vegas is just a rehash of fallout 3 in a different place i think ill get that when its in the bargain bin.

kancerkid3294d ago

Once the demo got to the cave, I was totally floored. Loved every moment of it from then on out. Combat was enjoyable, graphics were quite good if you ask me, and so much variety in enemies.

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