Blast: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

Video Game legends rarely need a rebirth, but Castelvania, the long running vampire slasher that debuted on the Family Disk Computer System in September of 1986 had hit a brick wall. Once standing among the medium’s elite, groan worthy installments and terrible spinoffs led many gamers to believe that the series was finished. Something had to be done if the Belmont clan was to be saved.

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Chucky20033940d ago

the truth is the game is overrated,i had to force myself to finish it,its the way this game is made,it doesn't make me fell like i'm having fun with it

Redrum0593940d ago

I think it deserves alot better. I loved every second of it. I actualy enjoyed the camera angles very much, to me it makes it more cinematic and reminds me of the 1st dmc.

This game is a A+/A+ in my book

UNCyrus3940d ago

Flamebait review is flamebait

Redempteur3940d ago

uninformed review too ...mercury studio is behind the game not hideo kojima

CrzyFooL3940d ago

Mercury Steam. Kojima-San had final approval on all aspects. Yes, this review in uninformed indeed.

TheLig323940d ago

I don't understand all of these mediocre reviews. I'm on the 8th chapter, and I've enjoyed this game more than God of War 3, which was also great.

PrinceOfAnger3940d ago

indeed man i have enjoyed the demo more than gow3 lol.

DarK-SilV3940d ago

I am one of these guys

one of the best games and Graphics this Gen

condorstrike3940d ago

not one of......
it is the best.

LoganX3940d ago

Currently fighting the "Silver Warrior". Its been an epic journey so far.

Note:Cornell pissed me off so much.

Elimin83940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

There are some people who hasn't played it or have played the chapter you have.. NO SPOILERS........

Rubberlegs3940d ago

Finished it last night and its fun game but nothing really stands out to much when compared to a number of other similar games.
A lot of easy puzzles that show up in the second half of the game. Some of them can become frustrating not because they hard but what you have to do. To much key collecting and breaking down doors the first half.

The fighting is solid and there is a lot of good boss fights and characters. Those things they nailed down right.
I never had much problems with the camera during fights but they do go overboard with some of the angles during platform parts that aren't always the best.

CrzyFooL3940d ago

C+ !? Hell no!! This game is at LEAST a B.

LoganX3940d ago

The game is at least an A- for me.