New Black Ops TV ad tomorrow

60-second spot to debut at half time in the England vs Montenegro match.

With less than a month to go until Call of Duty: Black Ops is released worldwide on November 9th, Activision has confirmed that brand new trailer will be aired on British TV tomorrow night.

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DoctorXpro2927d ago

60-second of ACTIpoison.

-Ikon-2926d ago

Try tonight on MNF. GO VIKINGS

ReservoirDog3162926d ago

Yeah I saw it on MNF. Looked pretty good.

And that sucks for the Vikings. Like the Jets but was going for them today.

DelbertGrady2927d ago

We will be exposed to a 60-second clip of Bobby Kotick with spinning hypno-discs over his eyes repeateadly saying "All your soul are belong to us".

SockMaster2927d ago

Looking forward to this, despite the horrificly poor (and unbalenced) Multiplayer in MW2 nonetheless the single player was decent in MW2, i did enjoy some levels, some levels where really bad though *Cough* "No Russian" *Cough*

Oh well, the COD games i have played have consistent SP campaigns and i heard they had alot of people working on JUST the single player.

Shouldnt Dissapoint. (Hopefully....)

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2926d ago

If COD:BO flops this series is over.

Shackdaddy8362926d ago

True. MW2 was basically the only CoD that really "flopped" and look how many people got pissed off over that...

If CoD "flops" two years in a row then it will really be bad.

When I say flop I mean glitchy as hell and everything since it did sell well and doesnt technically mean it "flopped".

TekoIie2926d ago

I think you right but i would still give sledgehammer's COD a go and then if that flopped as well (Assuming black ops does as well) then the franchise is truly dead.

It would be a good and a bad thing 1. we no longer get the addictive COD multiplayer formula and 2. HA suck it bobby, thats one less milked franchise you got the rights to

sickbird2926d ago

why is this news? not bashing the game ( im buying it) but come on its a commercial.

kingjoker342926d ago

we have like 10 news stories about KB commercials a week

Mr Exclusive2926d ago

I don't get the hate with the COD series. Sure the game is yearly but people forget EA is worse.

If the game is fun and as long as they keep bringing new this to the table thats the main thing in life. Who cares if Bobby or Activision is involved. Play what you enjoy, as eff the haters.

sickbird2926d ago

i agree about the hatred for cod, i dont get it either. there solid games.

but how is EA worse? they've been putting out some pretty original games, deadspace, mirrors edge, mass effect 2...

Mr Exclusive2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

yearly sports games?

Just look at their yearly sports stuff.

NCAA stuff (Basketball and Football)
Tiger Woods

Skate, Rockband, The Sims and Battlefield is starting to become milked now.

sickbird2926d ago

@mr exclusives

sports games are totally different, their have been yearly releases for sports games for ever. Sports fans look forward to a new fifa or madden every year. 2k does the same thing with NBA2k.

ReservoirDog3162926d ago

It's just the community of CoD is terrible. Absolutely terrible. They'll exploit every* single* thing* that can be exploited.

And the singleplayer was very poor when compared to the nearly perfect CoD4's. Storywise and with level design (remember that level where you had to defend the computer?).

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The story is too old to be commented.