Xbox 360's Online Dominance Over Playstation 3 Starts Slipping

"But something that sticks out about 2010 is that the Playstation 3 has continued closing the gap with the Xbox 360 when it concerns online surfers. This of course has to do with Sony's own recently released motion-controller, the Playstation Move. For fans of gaming who enjoy following the industry as much as playing games, it looks like the race is continuing to heat up between Microsoft and Sony. That only means one thing - gamers will win on both sides because both companies will continue to strive for better products and games in order to compete. Check out the graph below courtesy of Google."

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Mystogan3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )


Your search is completely unfair ''PS3'' can mean something else then the Playstation 3

Now heres the result when you search 360,PS3

As you can see now they are pretty much on par with the 360 sticking out most of the time,

But obviously the ''Xbox 360,Playstation 3'' search is best one.

vgn243298d ago

Regional arguments always make me laugh. Who cares what so and so searches for in whatever location. Play the games. Who has time to look up these silly stats? Bloggers, that's right.... not gamers.

Mystogan3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Im just proving that this is crap,
he obviously did a unfair search for hits

Edit: And he actually wins WTF?, This shit Actually got Approved?

Dee_913297d ago

so you actually would have to add the PS3 and Playstation 3 Searches ..according to this calculator that would mean the PS3 had higher searches ....what else could PS3 mean .... google PS3 and see what comes up for the first 20 pages lol thats what a PS3 means .. Playstation 3

ingiomar3297d ago

I searched this ''Xbox,360, Playstation, PS3''

aaaand...Xbox still comes out on top

Dee_913297d ago

i said add them ...
ps3 search + playstation 3 search = total amount of ps3 searches

raztad3297d ago

Even w/o adding them, xbox and ps3 search numbers are quite close, especially during the current year.

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Red_Orange_Juice3298d ago

360 can mean so many things more than PS3

Raikiri3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Thats why he said ''Obviously the Xbox 360,Playstation 3'' search is the best one''

raztad3298d ago

Yeah, he said that but I dont agree.

I never use Playstation 3 to search anything on google. PS3 is the universal used term.

Spider0503298d ago

Xbox 360 came out 2005 worldwide, PS3 came out 2006 end, 2007 Europe.
Next year you see it even more.
Next year Xbox 360 has Gears of War 3 only, and it comes out September, while PS3 comes out many single/multiplayer games like LittleBigPlanet 2,Killzone 3, Socom, Motorostorm, Twister Metal and ofcause this year Gran Turismo 5 what sell 8-10 million for sure becuase GT5P sold 6 million(5 blu-ray million and 1 million download PSN).

Xbox 360 owners needs to play now old games like Black Ops or Halo Reach 10 month before Gears of War 3 comes out :D

Raikiri3298d ago

another one gets disagrees for facts and even hard evidence

thewhoopimen3298d ago


Why don't we meld your suggestion and the authors and take a look at that trend?

"Xbox 360, PS3". It shows the gap has LONG closed.

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FrigidDARKNESS3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

wake me up when PSN gets X game and party chat invites.
check this video out this guy explains everything.

PirateThom3298d ago

Wake me up when XBox Live doesn't cost money to play online and watch TV.

TreMillz3298d ago

Wake me up....before you go go! we became on the lives of yo yo! Seriously though wake me up when there are no more fanboys like in the sixth gen and everybody likes thier games.

MaximusPrime3298d ago

wake me up when Kinect has some decent games. You know, not the ones i played on PS2 eye toy

NEPALII3298d ago

Wake me up when Xbox 360 achieves the same quality in exclusive games(graphics, gameplay, etc....).

DigitalAnalog3298d ago

Wake me up when US Xbox Live features like Netflix work in Asian territories like mine.

-End statement

Venatus-Deus3298d ago

Wake me up when the XBox gets a Web Browser

4221853298d ago


FrigidDARKNESS3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

who needs a freakin web browser in there console when the ps3 web browser is totally crap and useless.

vgn243298d ago

That COMBO BREAKER was a riot! I kept reading "wake me up" and then that. bubz

Mystogan3298d ago

Wake me up when PSN is just as good as Xbox live,

Wake me up when Microsft decides to hand all its Awesome and Unique IP's to Sony

Wake me up when the playstation move doesn't look like a dildo

Wake me up when i am not forced and wait for like half an hour to install all games to my 40gb harddrive

Wake me up when PS3 has more then 2 USB ports.

ok thats enough

tatotiburon3298d ago

you forgot "wake me up when it doesn´t take half a hour to update...or downgrade because any update removes some sh$%"

wake me up when it doesn't get a weakly firmware "update" wich add anything but crap

Nykamari3298d ago

Dude nobody is going to wake you up out of your fantsy, i have 4ports and more variety and better games to play on my ps3 than my 360. While you hold onto your 3 excusive ip's for the 360, i'll be getting new ip's for the ps3! Wake me up when the 360 get something NEW!

wenaldy3298d ago

You really sound desperate...

dead_eye3298d ago

so many points that have nothing to do with gaming.

3298d ago
KillerPwned3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Fanboy`s are so funny!

MysticStrummer3298d ago

PSN has always been as good as XBL in terms of gaming. XBL wins for social BS that effects gaming very little. Cross game chat is the big talking point, and many PS3 users, including me, don't want it. Awesome and unique IPs... you must be talking about Sony there because Microsoft is far behind in that category. If you see a dildo when you look at Move, that says more about you than it does Move. Most games don't require an install, and when they do it doesn't take half an hour. Launch PS3s had more than 2 USB ports. Your list wasn't enough of anything except fanboy BS. You would have been awake years ago if you were a gamer instead of a blind Microsoft supporter.

jizzyjones3297d ago

Wake me up when 360 has some exclusives besides Halo, an when I don't have to put AA batteries in a controller, or pay for an online service which should be free.

Heartnet3297d ago

more than 2 usb ports.. as far as im concerened all other consoles have 2 usb slots lol.. and u can dish out a few quid to get 5 slots lol.. and ive never installed a game that has took longer than 5 mins lol ^^

only thing decent about ur statement is your Name since Fairy Tale Rocks :)

SoSLy3297d ago

Is that tears of deperation im reading?

you know what, do us all a favor and dont wake up, just dont.

GamerGuy1533297d ago

Wake me up when someone actually cares what you think

gamerzBEreal173297d ago

wake me up when 360 stops useing 2 disk for 1 game
wake me up when 360 stops haveing to install games so they dont get scratched
wake me up when 360 has a new IP
wake me up when 360 fixes the RROD
wake me up when 360 stops chargeing for xbox live
wake me up when 360s controller stops feeling like a 4.0 huracain in your hands
wake me up when 360 stops milking halo
wake me up when 360 fanboys stop saying xbox live is worth it when its really not for 2-3 features
wake me up when 360 fanboys stop changeing the game first it was no games then we get great games and now its about online? stfu
wake me up when 360 doesn't need AA batterys
wake me up when 360 and kinect get a hardcore game
wake me up when 360 fanboys stfu because there both good consoles with problems (some more then others)

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vhero3298d ago

Wake me up when a "gamer" actually gives a damn about cross game and party invites as only fanboys give a crap about those. They are only features 360 have over ps3 and that's why people keep bringing it up. It's like saying wake me up when 360 has blu-ray built in. Quit the fanboy antics and actually talk about stuff gamers want like quality games like twisted metal and the other great quality games Sony has coming in 2011 and MS has had the last couple of years.

derseb3298d ago

wake me up when this BS discussion is finally over

but nice to see a Xbox fanboy once in a while. there are not many left...

HolyOrangeCows3297d ago

"there are not many left"


Narutone663297d ago

a lone MS employee with multiple accounts make up most of the hardcore 360 fans here.

Pennywise3298d ago

Wow you guys are all lazy... its 10:45am and you are all still sleeping. WAKE UP.

visualb3298d ago

who cares, play your games and stfu

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MaximusPrime3298d ago

damn this is an important news!


ndibu3298d ago

Anyway, wake me when the x360 stops outselling Ps3 weekly in Europe and worldwide

shutupandplay3298d ago


Who cares about online dominance? The 360 has been plowing through the PS3 in the real world for months now, and it looks like it will continue for the holidays. The gap has opened back up to 5 million, and will grow another 1-2 million by years end. The dominance is growing, not slipping.

FrigidDARKNESS3298d ago

exactly....the video i posted explains why xbl on-line will continue it's dominance.

westy5523297d ago

Arnt you three guys cute, all cuddled up next to your xbox. Awwww

'wake me when the x360 stops outselling ps3 weekly in europe and worldwide' ill give ya a call in a week champ.

'the gap will grow another 1-2 million by years end', lol, r u sure about that?? What figures are you going off? Because the rate since 360 slim was released there is now only about 30000k difference in the consoles on weekly sales and that trend has been decreasing every week. Please use actual figures not made up idiot numbers.

vhero3298d ago

erm... Japan not exist to you fanboys.. Oh wait... Tunnel vision comes as standard with the Fanboy package right?

Lord Gunchrote3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

lol you need help. When a lead is cut by millions over a couple of years, thats not domination. Get rid of the Microsoft butt beads that seem to be clouding your judgement.

gamerzBEreal173297d ago

lol what about the 2-3 years ps3 was dominating 360? all we heard then is TOTAL SALES lol we closed the gap from 8 million to 3.5 how much we were "dominating" you

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dragonsight3298d ago

we need more scientific studies like this /s

visualb3298d ago

we'd have the cure for AIDS and discovered a perpetual motion engine by now!