NBA Jam Photos Show this isn't Bush's League

StrengthGamer: "Surrounding the release of NBA Jam 2010, and the announcement of the country's leading politicians being playable characters, has been much controversy as to whether or not this is a bipartisan affair."

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BlueTroll3299d ago

Look at Bush's face! HAHAHA

WutPleaze3299d ago

Yeah- seems a little odd to me that Obama/Biden are all smiley and Bush/Cheney are grimacing and looking stupid.

Hilarious though!

State of Matter3299d ago

6 years old to think "the silly faces are funny". Nothing funny about that, I am a life long Democrat, but everyone I know is angry as heck with the Democratic party.

I am really starting to worry that we are going to get shellacked in the next elections. This whole media, entertainment, and education bias in favor of the democrats is unfair and dangerous, and a lot of my friends are recognizing it and being turned off by it. This is not good for us, I think the media and entertainment industries should let us fight our own battles, because the more they try to help, the more the repubs are seen as the picked on underdogs, we become the establishment, and that will ultimately hurt us with young people and minorities, two groups we cant afford to loose.

THE MAX SPEED 213299d ago

democacy does not exist. it's 1 group pulling all the strings. democrates/republicans = puppets.

State of Matter3299d ago

are the goals of this one group, what is their agenda? Where do they stand on abortion, global warming, more government vs less government?

Your an idiot if you think Democrats and Republicans are the same thing, because on all those issues, they are polar opposite, and those are VERY important issues.

FragMnTagM3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Dems and Reps are both controlled by the same corporations and bankers. If you think about it, it is like pro wrestling. In front of the cameras, they pretend to hate each other, but behind the scenes they are all buddy buddy. Obama has not reversed any of Bush's retarded acts he passed (Patriot Act), and in fact even expanded on some of them to take away even more of our rights.

If we had true Democracy, we would get independent parties, green party, and so on in office and not just a Democrat or Republican. Our election process is absolutely ridiculous. A great candidate with no money is not going to win. Ridiculous amounts of money are spent on an election while we have starving people on the streets.

I don't get caught up in all the hoopla. Democrats = Republicans. They are the same exact thing. They don't get in office without big oil, bankers, and such supporting them. Think about that for a second. If they have those huge corporations putting them in office, it is a no brainer that they are going to pander to them and not the American people.


On topic, I think Bush and Cheney's facial expressions are appropriate.

CimmerianDrake3299d ago

Max Speed is trying to tell you that whatever issues the Democrats and Republicans seem to be about is only a smokescreen. That the one groups goal and agenda is all about money and control. Where do they stand on abortion? They are for it since it's a form of population control. Where do they stand on global warming? They are for the hoax of it since it allows them to create new industries where they can make massive, fad based profit from it. Where do they stand on more or less government? They want more government so they can have more control.

The answer to your final statement can be seen in the video game industry today. Microsoft and Sony are polar opposites, and yet their executives will have lunch together, probably laugh at the fanboy wars, Sony computers uses Windows OS's in their game development studios. Just because in public two parties seem to be at odds, doesn't mean they are behind the scenes.

WutPleaze3299d ago

Maybe the Democratic Party should do something instead of say something once in a while. That could help. Plus, the media is somewhat against the left-wing side of the fence as of late. Even SNL (who is notorious for being Democratic) takes stabs at Obama and his reign as Prez.

Whatevs. Those pics are funny. Plain and simple.

Simco8763299d ago

SNL makes fun of anyone that's in charge, been doing it since the show began.

Its fun that they politics in the game though, just like the old school ones (Clinton)

dinkeldinkse3299d ago

Where Obama and Hilary are debating on CNN and everytime Hilary says something they tell her to STFU. Or the Biden and Palin debate where Biden spends the entire time talking about how Scranton, PA is a shithole.

State of Matter3299d ago

First off Climate change is NOT a hoax, Im sick of people saying that. Second Republicans are dead set against doing anything about it, in most cases they are just afraid to say it out loud. They believe like you that it is a hoax.

It is the republican Glenn Beck crowd that is behind the silly idea that Abortion is just a means of population control for some secret group of ultra socialists, do you think for 1 second they would not reverse roe v wade if given the chance? And it is republicans who think more government automatically means more control for big brother, when in fact more government equals more services.

You claim repubs and Democrats are the same yet you sound like a republican your self!?!? wtf. How can you be so dim as to think they stand for the same things, I am a Democrat and I don't stand for any of that crap you just spouted.

The repubs are NOT like us, they stand in the way of everything we try to accomplish.

NeoMagus3299d ago

It says Cheney got better 2pt game than all of them lol

vhero3299d ago

Ah that was one of the best features about the old NBA Jam games the secret hidden teams based on none basketball players.