TDK Develops 1TB-capacity Optical Disc

At Ceatec Japan, TDK highlighted a 1TB capacity optical disc—enough to hold a sizeable Blu-ray collection in the palm of your hand.

The disc has a whopping 16 recording layers, where a 25GB Blu-ray has just one, and a beefed up 50GB Blu-ray is dual-layered. It also takes the same time to read one layer of TDK's product as it does a Blu-ray disc. The only problem? The new disc's recording layers are about 2.5-times as thick as they need to be to be compatible with Blu-ray specifications. Also: figuring out how to stuff that much bonus content in to make it worth selling movies on these things.

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dabri55024d ago

Honestly, I think this is as good of a reason as any to start going to digital distribution. Who really wants to pay the inflated price for new media every few years when we can get higher quality with no restrictions for a cheaper cost with dd.

TotalPS3Fanboy5024d ago (Edited 5024d ago )

"Who really wants to pay the inflated price for new media every few years when we can get higher quality with no restrictions for a cheaper cost with dd..."

The people who doesn't want to spend two whole weeks just downloading a 1 TB file.

The same people who doesn't want to pay $150 a month for an ultra fast 50 Mb fiber optic line just so it doesn't take a two whole weeks just to download a 1 TB file.

dabri55024d ago

Steam predownloads the files for the game before it's release date so on the day of you dl a patch to unlock the game. That argument is old and not very good. Besides I seriously doubt there will ever be a 1 tb game.

zootang5024d ago (Edited 5024d ago )

What happens if the company you bought the downloads from goes out of business?

Edit: What happens if the stuff you downloaded it on breaks and the company you bought the stuff from is out of business?

DarkTower8055024d ago (Edited 5024d ago )

Digital distribution is feasible and will be here sooner or later. Everyone seems to think this means you will have to download the game. The way I see this going is that the HDD from the console will be removable, you take it to your local retailer, pick the game(s) you want, and they will upload it to your HDD. Simple as that.

The issue I have with digital distribution though is that this will not allow us to buy/sell used games. This is also why publishers want this to happen.

nickjkl5024d ago (Edited 5024d ago )

or i could have one 1 tb blu ray thats really expensive http://hardware.slashdot.or...
of course that was 2 years ago

Kewl_Kat5024d ago

My internet connection is average. I can safely assume majority of north america is, too. The issue isn't whether or not you download the game before launch, during launch, or after... you still have to download. In that period of time I'm downloading a big game, other things that I could do online would be greatly limited 'cause the game download takes up too much resources. For example, when I was downloading left4dead 2, my usually fast chrome browser would suddenly slow down so much to a point that I'd just close it down. I had to chose between pausing the game download and play bad company 2... I can't do both at the same time. With physical media, just pop it in the dvd drive and install away.

cjseaton5024d ago

Large capacity media has more of an effect on the Music and Movie industries than video gaming. DD has it's place and advantages as does streaming HD video. For the most part, streaming HD video looks good, but it still uses compression to get the product to the consumer. A 1 TB disc would give a higher level of quality for HD video without having to use any or high levels of compression. Video games would also benefit by allowing for higher texture bit rates for future definition gameplay. Just because you can compress it doesn't mean you need to if you don't have to.

ChickeyCantor5024d ago

" $150 a month for an ultra fast 50"

Damn its expensive over there.
Here in the Netherlands you can get 60mb for 50 Euros = 69.47500 U.S. dollars.

Darkfocus5024d ago

"The same people who doesn't want to pay $150 a month for an ultra fast 50 Mb fiber optic line just so it doesn't take a two whole weeks just to download a 1 TB file."

I pay almost that much for 3mb where I live :(

darthv725024d ago

"The new disc's recording layers are about 2.5-times as thick as they need to be to be compatible with Blu-ray specifications."

Why does this new disc have to be compatible with bluray spec? The current bluray spec for movies seems to be just fine. I dont see a reason this cant be its own spec for straight up data.

Companies have been working on increasing the density per layer since optical discs came out. Just because we have a consumer level of CD/DVD/BD doesnt mean there cant coexist the non consumer grade optical formats. It isnt like they are trying to challenge each other.

As far as digital dist...its coming more and more each day. When you download something to the hdd it now has become physical if you think about it. It isnt like we are playing fully streaming games with no physical or logical copies of the data.....not yet.

Bleyd5024d ago

There's something else that everyone seems to be forgetting here. Sony already tried doing digital download only for a system and it did not succeed like they wanted it to. This was with the PSP Go system. They had some success with it but not the raging success that they wanted to get and it's simply because consumers like to get physical things when they make purchases.

Steam is all well and good but it is not the mainstream delivery system for games and will not be for a very long time. Consumers love their discs too much.

nveenio5024d ago

We're two generations away from a 1TB game. The only thing you'd use a 1TB optical disc for right now is physical storage (emptying the contents of your 1TB backup hard drive onto a disc so that you can store a new backup on the hard drive).

I used to think that we'd start to see crazy realistic worlds once the hardware would support it, but the truth is that developers just don't want to spend the time. They'd never fill a 1TB disc (that's 25 MGS4 games, btw).

What WILL happen is the creation of procedural worlds. Take GTA4, for instance. The devs really only allow you to enter buildings that will eventually have some sort of mission connection. They didn't want to build EVERY interior. BUT, down the line, they'll take a game like GTA4, build it just like GTA4, but add procedural interiors so that you can actually enter EVERY building. You'll be able to break into homes and kill people sleeping in their beds, walk in on a woman showering, etc. How? Because the game engine creates those parts FOR the devs. All you'll see at this point is a slight increase in texture space requirements (to prevent the cut-and-paste feeling you'd get with repeat textures everywhere), but it still won't approach 1TB.

dabri55024d ago

what happens when the game you bought on disk breaks or stops being read?

Most companies that sell game DD have commented that if they go out of business that they will unlock all their titles so you don't have to be online to play it. Now assuming the game stops working on your system...well its the same as if your physical disk doesn't work. I would assume because this would be for consoles we would get better support than what you assume. Do you really see Sony allowing a game to be sold by them that doesn't work on your system?

badz1495023d ago (Edited 5023d ago )

"higher quality with no restrictions for a cheaper cost with dd"

1. dd is in no way or form have higher quality than Bluray. bandwidth and uncompress sound says hi!
2. no restriction?? connection speed, bandwidth, DRM don't ring a bell?

aside from being weightless compared to optical media, DD is currently not having any advantage over optical media especially Bluray!

Ninjews5023d ago

@catguykyou So I'm suppose to believe that a company going out of buisness is going to take the time to unlock all of their existing games because they promised, c'mon. I use steam, I like it, but digital distribution is still a long ways off from being the main source of distribution. I still rather get physical copies of games, then download them. The games I usally get from dd are usually on sale i.e. l4d2 for $18, same for borderlands etc, etc. That is the only factor that will make me choose dd over physical copies.

Sheddi5023d ago

damn its crazy! I guess here in Sweden we are lucky.
60-100Mbit/sec is like $50 a month here...

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Marcus Fenix5024d ago

I like to have my games in physical format.

Hellsvacancy5024d ago (Edited 5024d ago )

As do i, well, i like to own (in my hands if possible) anythin and everythin i buy

Ive never even bought an MP3 believe me or not, id MUCH rather own my music on Vinyl if not CD, if my laptop blew up thats my music GONE (i guess u could say the same if my house was to blow up)

dabri55024d ago

I would like the option. I like just turning on the system and quickly scrolling through my library of games and picking which I want to play then having the option to switch on the fly.

dabri55024d ago

You would just redownload them. All services keep trackof your purchases and let you redownload however many times you want.

AntoineDodson5024d ago

Yea but what if you want to play one of your games at a FRIEND. He has to download it too? I honestly don't see a future yet in DD as discs are still the easy way to go.

Darkfocus5024d ago

you just back it up to a memory stick before you go over. I do it all the time with steam games.

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xAlmostPro5024d ago

i personally think it will go from optical discs.. and downloading things such as music, videos and small games(as it is just now).. and straight to real-time streaming.. by the time every household connection is able to withstand downloading full size 20+gb games within the hour..


How much is Warhawk on PS3? Socom? Gran Turismo Prologue? They're so much cheaper then at the stores right? I love having nothing intangible for full retail price. Makes me feel special. I also love how I can't resell something.

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ApocalypseShadow5024d ago

but not anytime SOON.........

no victory for the bluray haters here.....

xg-ei8ht5024d ago

Blu-ray upto 50gb will be fine for some time i'm guessing.

Fishy Fingers5024d ago

That's pretty crazy. No need to it yet though, or anytime soon. At least outside of the private sector.