Limbo Creators Working on New IP

Joystiq caught up with Limbo creators Playdead at the Indiecade festival in Culver City, California this weekend, and while CEO Dino Patti confirmed once again that the best-selling XBLA game is "exclusive for life" to Microsoft's platform, you may see the next Playdead title branching out. Patti says the company is working on "a new IP," and that Limbo fans will enjoy it.

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Hands Up For Games3297d ago

Great news!

The Indie Developer scene for me is out performing the majority of the big AAA Dev Studios and long may that continue!

Cant wait to see what these guys and gals come up with next.

ATi_Elite3297d ago

Let me guess, it's a MMO to be published by Activision.

coolbeans3297d ago

I don't want colors in my limbo! >:(