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From the Call of Duty side of the gene pool, Medal of Honor has inherited the volume. Explosions are loud and proud and you can practically feel the splash damage gushing into your living room, meaning you're constantly surging around the course on a wave of adrenaline.

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DelbertGrady3297d ago

At last! I usually prefer Gameinformers reviews but in this case this'll have to do. *preordering*

BubbleSystemSuck3297d ago

for this game...
already 300hours on BadComapany 2, now i want this game, and Next month, Call of Duty Black Ops...

BTW... check my Slim Mod for Black ops


SoSLy3297d ago

thats a sweet looking mod and it looks very well crafted, good job man

On topic: looking forward to playing MoH but I hope it has its own unique feel to it rather than just a clone but Im still buying it on first day.

The_Count3297d ago

Can't wait to see the Twisted Metal one. A dead space 2 one would be awesome if Issues helmet lit up.

arjman3297d ago

How can people disagree to this guy's opinion?

Karum3297d ago

That is an awesome looking mod my friend.

Great work indeed!

tacosRcool3297d ago

Battlefield > call of duty

MrAwesome3297d ago

Cool mod where can i get one?


maybe because it's his opinion and they dont agree with it. Do you agree with what everyone says, No you dont. So I disagree with your opinion about his opinion for people disagreeing with his opinion.

arjman3291d ago

Did you actually read his comment, it said that he had played a lot of bad company 2 and couldn't wait for black ops, how can you disagree with that?

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Andronix3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

The single player set in a real world conflict is enticing, but I haven't been overawed into thinking I NEED this game. As it is now the start of the busy season there are too many other good things, so I might wait to get it when the price falls.

One thing I do know is I will go for the PlayStation 3 version as it also has Medal of Honor frontlines. I'm definitely not a trophy whore but two games in one is great value.

I do hope Medal of Honor sells well because it means a sequel in which the developers will be more confident to develop a bigger experience.

tacosRcool3297d ago

And if you get the limited edition, you get the HD remake of Medal of Honor Frontlines

foss33297d ago

I was on the fence on this one. After playing the beta which I was in, it was a clear "no". I got more interested the more I saw and now I'm looking forward to the single player campaign and hoping I get some joy out of the multiplayer. For reference I love BFBC2 and enjoyed the single player COD series on PS3 but only really played COD and WAW multiplayer for any length. The multiplayer for BFBC2 was just so much better.. it really is the only reason I ordered MoH.

I could care less about the platinum trophies because I can never get them any way. I'm level 9 with about 610 trophies and none are platinum. I guess I give up too easy.

LtSkittles3297d ago

What Tacos?

Isn't the remake HD already?



I believe they said LE on E3, nothing about regular version as far as I can remember.

It probably won't be that limited, but chances they charge you a prime in such version...

Anyway I'll wait the release and see the regular version for myself, it's not like I haven't been wrong before.

LtSkittles3297d ago

All I saw was the LE on gamestop >.>, no regular version

ReservoirDog3163297d ago

The regular PS3 version is the LE. All of them. All PS3 versions come with Frontlines.

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alien6263297d ago

i got to give it to EA and the creaters of this game its an awesome game story might be short but keeps u playing ill rate this a 9 imo

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frankymv3297d ago


I expect 8.5 to 9 across the board.

chak_3297d ago

How the hell did they test the multiplayer?

Elvfam5113297d ago

Rubbing two rubber ducks on a rubber boat...

BulletToothtony3296d ago

not fanboy at all here but MoH absolutely sucks.. i'm level 7 and the maps are absolute horseshit!! i know that if i would've read this i wouldn't had believed whoever wrote it but damn..

12 campers and no way to advance nor flank because there will be a camper on each way.. the only thing left to do is well camp as well... or snipe.. i don't like neither.. save your money.. TRUST ME, this game is a rental.. i'm a freaking idiot for buying it.. i'm so mad at myself..

spawn run and get sniped, re-spawn run and get sniped from who knows who because the maps are big and you can't see shit..

what a freaking let down..

HungPHATx3297d ago

I've had it pre ordered since I played it at E3 ! Day one

Venatus-Deus3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

What, you only play games that somebody else rates 9+?

I'm glad your not on my friends list.

Hands Up For Games3297d ago

Not at all. I wouldnt have cared if MoH got a 6 or a perfect 10. The game is just not for me, tried the beta and Id rather play Reach just now and then catch up with Bulletstorm and KZ3 early next year.

By all means get excited about another FPS, set, wait for it . . . . . . . . . . . in modern times. This just isnt for me, review scores are irrelevant.

Jinxstar3297d ago

"get excited about another FPS, set, wait for it . . . . . . . . . . . in modern times."

While I agree this theme is played out so is just about every other thing I can think of. WWII better for you? How about space marines fighting aliens? Other then that I can't think of any other settings for FPS's.... KZ2 is a little different. So is TF2 but outside of a few games that mostly all revolve around these 3 settings... I guess thats why I am so excited for bulletstorm. Something that looks very different and not dumb.

redDevil873297d ago

Your comment is meh, 8.5 is a good score. Anything with an 8.5 is worth playing.

Ares84PS33297d ago

Also you base your purchases on others opinions???

You are NOT a gamer.

I feel sorry for you!

Hands Up For Games3297d ago


I am not saying that an 8.5 is a meh score what I am saying is that MoH itself TO ME is a meh game. Is that OK or do I need to go along with whatever you guys say and we can all pat each other on the back and say what a good job weve done?

Cant wait for MoH, its been way too long since I last played a FPS set in a modern conflict, with a short campaign and glitchy MP and grpahics that could be taken from a dozen or so games, it my most anticipated game this year!!

Is that better?

Jinxstar3297d ago

I can agree that 8.5 does not mean "Meh" but

"Also you base your purchases on others opinions???"

I have to. I do not have the luxury of just going out and buying every single game that has the "Potential" of being good. I feel that I am however a true gamer. I own a PS3, PS3, PSP, Wii, DS, Gaming PC and have tons of games for each. I have probably 25+ games for my PS3 alone and probably 25+ more on PC. I have been gaming since intellivision. Just because I am trying to save for a wedding and a house and can't buy everything out there that even looks like it might be good to "Find out for myself instead of listening to what everyone else says" does not make me any less of a gamer then someone who buys every single game released and probably gets burned on a regular. I can tell you I don't need to buy "Naruto" to know I wont like it... I don't need to buy Fallout New Vegas to know I wont like it as I hated Fallout 3... Not my thing. So how about you just STFU about calling people who wait for reviews non gamers.

Also if 8.5 turns out to be the "High end" of the reviews with the rest being in the 7-8 range I probably wont buy it because I'll wait on TFU2 and see how that goes. If this is the "low end" with the rest being 9-9.5 or so I'll be getting it for sure because I love Dice and BF and am excited to see what someone else can do with the modern soldier feel.

Moragami3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

You played the MP beta. Some people actually have an interest in games for more than just multiplayer. Obviously that's not you, but the game's SP campaign is definitely not meh.

wissam3297d ago

if you don't care about this game why do even post. just to annoy people ?

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appleseedexm3297d ago

Thanks to you I haven't lost all my faith in gaming communities.
Only because it is a 8.5 it doesn't mean its going to be THE game of the decade.
I played the beta and it was so damn boring, a very soulless game IMHO. I don't care what they say, I think the beta was a waste of time so Ill stay with Reach, with BC2, and many other fun games out there. I don't play games only because someone told me to ;-)

visualb3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago ) are going to be one demanding dad if your kids come home with 85% and you spit on their face.

tbh, anything above 8 is a very solid purchase.

anything above a 7 is a very playable game

anything above a 5 isn't broken.

these kids these days are spoilt they don't even know whats good anymore

@ your little psycho rant about how you meant meh at the game not the score -


Hands Up For Games3297d ago

"Meh . . . is meh, im afraid."

Where do I mention the review score? I dont.

I stand by my initial comment, im not here slating people who want to purchase the game, im just slating the game, again, not the review.

I felt my comment was clear to be honest, if others miscontued it, thats not my problem.

Karum3297d ago

Your comment was not clear by any means.

I get what you're saying as you've since explained it since that comment, which is fine if you don't like MOH as you're entitled to an opinion.

But surely you're not ignorant enough that you're unable to see why people thought the "meh" was aimed at the review/score rather than the game?

Had your comment said meh I'm afraid then that would have been crystal clear.

It's not clear though when you are the sole person who knows what that comment actually meant.

It's fine you don't like MOH, I won't touch COD. Your opinion on MOH is fine by me to be honest. Your comment was far from clear though and it's almost worrying that you haven't been able to grasp why exactly people were getting at you.

Hopefully you don't draw up contracts or legal agreements, there'd be loopholes everywhere if you consider your original comment as being clear.

Light Yagami3297d ago

The first scores are always the highest. MOH is not that good.

Karum3297d ago

Coming from your extensive experience with this as yet unreleased game I assume?

SeanScythe3297d ago

The problem is you are judging a game based off of the beta. Which the game has greatly improved on.

internalbit3297d ago

Y is it meh?

If this game is similar to cod mw isn't it a great opportunity to stick it up activation and bobby nod!(k? Unless u work/worship for activision or bobby n0d!(k

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