PlayDevil: Halo: Reach in depth Review + Competition

PlayDevil has just posted a very very in depth review of Bungies' latest Halo game for X360, "Halo: Reach".

This review covers everything that this new Halo game has to offer. Is it Bungies last stand?

Here's more:

"Another big change is the addition of special abilities. These skills can only be equipped one at a time and produce some interesting tactical choices for the player. Forcing a trade off between defence and offence these range from jetpacks to an armour lock that leave the player stationary but invulnerable to damage for a limited time. Strategic selection of these abilities can make all the difference in battle."

PlayDevil is also offering a "Halo: Reach Competition" for all their readers. You can win an exclusive Halo: Reach bag, Halo Reach Tshirts and more!

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